Category: Preventive Dentistry

Warning Signs Of Oral Health Trouble

How much attention are you really giving your smile? Beyond brushing and flossing your teeth, are you looking out for any early warning signs of oral health trouble that you should bring up with your dentist? Do you feel confident that you know what signs of trouble you ought to watch for if you want… Read more »

Important Steps In Your Oral Hygiene Routine

The approach you take to cleaning your teeth on a daily basis will help you avoid potential problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, many people who feel they are doing enough to keep their smile healthy can overlook mistakes in their routine that make them vulnerable to oral health issues. One benefit to… Read more »

3 Problems That Better Oral Hygiene Can Prevent

There are several consequences to not properly maintaining your oral health. Cavities are a common problem, one that people tend to be familiar with, but this is not the only issue that can impact your appearance and well-being. Trouble with your gums and your general appearance can also impact you if you do not follow… Read more »

What Your Dentist Can Do To Maintain Your Periodontal Health

What are you currently doing to maintain healthy, problem-free gums? If you take care to thoroughly clean at the base of your teeth when you brush and floss, you can fight the accumulation of bacteria that can cause gingivitis. People who maintain good habits can protect themselves against this condition, just as they can protect… Read more »

Should I Change My Daily Oral Hygiene Routine?

Is it time for you to reevaluate your approach to daily oral health care? Some people wait until they have problems that call for restorative dental work to questions how they care for their teeth and gums. While this is certainly a good time to look for ways to change up your hygiene routine, a… Read more »

What Can Happen If You Go Without Teeth Cleanings And Exams?

Regular dental exams and cleanings are important to a person’s overall commitment to smile care. What can happen to someone if they stop scheduling these routine visits and only see their dentist when they think something is wrong? Without these visits, you become vulnerable to tartar buildup, and you can let problems form and worsen… Read more »

Can I Find One Dental Office To Serve Everyone In My Family?

When you find a dental practice that can serve everyone in your family, you can enjoy more than just easier-to-schedule appointments. You can rely on important oral health feedback from the same trusted source, your child can continue to see the same dentist as they grow, and you can discuss their oral health issues and… Read more »

3 Problems That Can Hurt Your Confidence In Your Smile

If you are losing confidence in your smile, you should know that your Ankeny, IA dentist provides a variety of services that can help you. For many people, a loss of confidence is tied to cosmetic issues. Through conservative treatments, we are able to carefully resolve problems with the shape, size, or color of teeth,… Read more »

How Flossing Protects Your Periodontal Health

When you do a good job preventing gum disease, you protect yourself against a condition that can negatively affect your general health and raise your risk for tooth loss. Your daily routine can – and should – be effective at fighting the buildup of oral bacteria capable of causing gingivitis. One thing to do in… Read more »

Issues With Cavity Prevention? 3 Good Habits To Adopt

Have you been frustrated or worried about your struggle to prevent cavities? It can be hard to feel confident in your smile when you continue to experience issues that require restorative dental work. However, those past troubles can be a sign that your oral hygiene routine leaves room for improvement! Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office… Read more »