Category: Preventive Dentistry

Bad Things That Happen When You Don’t Floss

When you don’t floss your teeth, you may realize day after day that shockingly, nothing horrible is happening. You thought for sure that you’d immediately notice your teeth feeling loose, dropping out of your mouth, or looking damaged. You thought you’d deal with widespread oral pain, extremely inflamed gums, and worse! However, here you are…. Read more »

National Brush Day: Adult Edition 

There are lots and lots of holidays that you are familiar with that show up after October begins. However, it’s very possible that there’s one you have never heard of and it happens to be good for your smile health! Not ringing any bells? That’s because it isn’t any of the usual favorites you may be… Read more »

3 Teeth T’s And What To Think

Spending any amount of time staring at your teeth closely in the mirror and really giving them a good long think can cause you to start wondering about things you’ve simply never noticed before. Then, of course, dealing with any new sensation that pops up can also cause your thoughts to go into overdrive. Today,… Read more »

Ways You Realize You Have A Cavity 

For some patients, there’s not really any upset in terms of finding out that tooth decay is present. After all, you are well aware that we offer comprehensive restorative care (that looks beautiful), so you know we can help you get your smile back into lovely shape. Instead, the area of cavity formation that causes… Read more »

When Your Smile Does (And Does Not) Require Fingers!

You have heard before to keep your hands out of your mouth, to keep your fingers away from your lips, and more. Why? Well, because you can end up transferring germs to your mouth and you can cause other problems for yourself. However, you might wonder: What are you supposed to do when you need… Read more »

Gear Up For Fall Cavity Prevention! 

The fall season is inching its way ever closer, which is both lovely in terms of the crisp weather, festivities, and more that will soon be here … and then possibly not-so-lovely if you don’t feel like you’re entirely prepared to protect your oral health from the development of cavities! What to do, as an… Read more »

Easy Choices For Daily Smile Protection 

You make choices all of the time! Sometimes, it’s something you’re very aware of. At other times, you may be on autopilot, doing something without much additional consideration (however, it’s still something you’re choosing to do!). Since it’s often easy to overlook this particular fact about how we live our daily lives, our Ankeny, IA… Read more »

Ouch! Dental Sensitivity And What To Do About It! 

Yowtch! Your smile that usually feels perfectly fine can suddenly feel not-so-great. If you realize that dental sensitivity is starting to impact your life on a regular basis and not just as a fleeting sensation, that our Ankeny, IA team reminds you that there are a handful of things you can (and should) do to… Read more »

Your Sleep Apnea Improvement Checklist!

When what you want is to be able to sleep throughout the night without feeling the next day as though you haven’t, what you need is time discussing sleep apnea treatment with our Ankeny, IA team! You might assume you’re sleeping, only to discover that you’re actually becoming conscious and then slipping back into dreamland… Read more »

Smile Stain Stoppers: 4 Things To Remember!

Good news on the smile stain front: There are certainly a variety of ways to do your absolute best to stop discoloration from forming altogether! While a bit of natural wear and tear may eventually cause even the most attentive patient to feel like it might be time to schedule a visit for a round… Read more »