Category: Preventive Dentistry

Ouch! Dental Sensitivity And What To Do About It! 

Yowtch! Your smile that usually feels perfectly fine can suddenly feel not-so-great. If you realize that dental sensitivity is starting to impact your life on a regular basis and not just as a fleeting sensation, that our Ankeny, IA team reminds you that there are a handful of things you can (and should) do to… Read more »

Your Sleep Apnea Improvement Checklist!

When what you want is to be able to sleep throughout the night without feeling the next day as though you haven’t, what you need is time discussing sleep apnea treatment with our Ankeny, IA team! You might assume you’re sleeping, only to discover that you’re actually becoming conscious and then slipping back into dreamland… Read more »

Smile Stain Stoppers: 4 Things To Remember!

Good news on the smile stain front: There are certainly a variety of ways to do your absolute best to stop discoloration from forming altogether! While a bit of natural wear and tear may eventually cause even the most attentive patient to feel like it might be time to schedule a visit for a round… Read more »

3 Factors That Cause Oral Acid Levels To Go Crazy!

You may assume that as long as you’re doing your best to steer clear of highly acidic things like orange juice that you’re not going to end up with a high level of acid in your mouth, which bodes quite well for your oral health! However, our Ankeny, IA team reminds you that when it… Read more »

Lightning Round: Those Professional Cleaning Benefits!

Of course, you have a general understanding due to hearing it over and over in life that professional cleanings are essential for your smile! Without them, bad things can happen. True, your brushing and flossing are also key but it’s not only about dental hygiene. It’s also about keeping up with those areas of care… Read more »

Your Oral Health: Things You Don’t Want To Mention (But Really Should)

We definitely get how you’re feeling. You have something you’d like to bring up so that you can receive the oral health help you need. However, you might feel overly worried, too embarrassed, unsure about what to expect, and more. So, you just keep your thoughts to yourself. However, when you need to discuss something… Read more »

Smile Details: Stuff You’re Not Necessarily Getting Right

You know how there are sayings that we seem to just take as fact? Perhaps you are someone who frequently makes comments like, “More is more!” and you figure that it applies to your smile care, just as you apply it to nearly everything else! Maybe you have come to believe that as long as… Read more »

Small Changes That Mean: Call Us!

It’s true that just about any smile change you cannot exactly identify or that points to a need for professional dental care is a good reason to call us. However, today, our Ankeny, IA team would like to remind you of what we call small smile changes. They are those issues that seem quite insignificant… Read more »

Your Local Dentist Reminds You: We’re Here For You!

For some patients, dental care isn’t an emotional thing at all! For others, it’s full of feelings. A full spectrum of them! You may feel a bit intimidated, upset, scared, excited, unsure, and the list goes on and on. Since it’s usually the negative ones that tend to get in the way of your ability… Read more »

Allergies: 3 Shocking Oral Health Consequences!

You already know that when allergies show up and impact your daily life, they bring some uncomfortable side effects with them. What you may not have realized just yet is that some of those issues can actually include problems with your smile! Who knew that in addition to having to tote around tissues, deal with… Read more »