Month: February 2016

Restorative Dentistry: What’s It All About?

Do you feel a minor sense of panic when we suggest you need restorative care to improve your oral health? The good news is that there’s no stigma attached to requiring a restoration – there are so many factors that may lead to some type of dental damage that it’s extremely important you keep a… Read more »

Dental Implant Care Questions

You know that taking care of any type of dental treatment you receive is always essential – and promotes an extended life of that treatment. However, when it comes to caring for your dental implants, you may assume you’re going to have to do some extra special things to ensure they remain in good condition…. Read more »

Tips: Getting Ready For Veneers

When it comes to preparing for porcelain veneers, there are a few things to think over. From ensuring you have made a wonderful selection for your smile to getting ready to return home with your beautiful smile makeover, knowing what to expect will make your decisions and transitions quite smooth. Do yourself a favor and… Read more »

Dental Bonding Quiz: True Or False?

When it comes to fixing the little tiny problems that cause your smile to look not-so-beautiful, we often suggest dental bonding. This cosmetic treatment allows us to repair minor esthetic concerns that may not be harming the wellbeing of your teeth but are certainly damaging the beauty of your smile. If you have been considering bonding, we… Read more »