Month: October 2016

How Do I Care For A Dental Bridge?

You may be surprised to find that with all of your worrying about how to care for a dental bridge, it’s actually a very simple process. What were you doing for your smile before your tooth loss? Were you brushing your smile, flossing, and coming in for your cleanings? If so, this transition will be… Read more »

Questions and Answers: Placing A Pretty Crown

Are you worrying night and day about the upcoming dental crown visit you have scheduled? What seems to be the problem? Have you been wondering what it’s going to look like, whether it will blend with your smile (or stick out like a sore thumb), and what type of material we use? Are you curious… Read more »

Tooth Decay: 2 Things You Need To Remember

When tooth decay affects your smile, there are a couple factors that are of the utmost importance for you to remember. Fortunately, as long as you keep the essentials in mind, addressing decay and recovering your previously healthy smile will be something that’s extremely easy to accomplish.

We Love Your Questions: Ask More!

Are you someone who has to build up the courage to ask a question? Do you find that when you’ve just begun to open your mouth to ask a question about dental care, it often takes one second too long and the moment passes? Unfortunately, we know that this is all too common. We say… Read more »