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How to Tell if Your Toothache Has a Cavity

There are many reasons why a tooth can start to ache, but cavities are one of the most common causes. Because more than 90% of people experience cavities at least once in their lives, it’s natural for you to wonder if your toothache means that your tooth is developing one, too. However, cavities aren’t the… Read more »

Ways You Realize You Have A Cavity 

For some patients, there’s not really any upset in terms of finding out that tooth decay is present. After all, you are well aware that we offer comprehensive restorative care (that looks beautiful), so you know we can help you get your smile back into lovely shape. Instead, the area of cavity formation that causes… Read more »

Don’t Ignore Your Kids’ Cavities! 

You may not necessarily feel the urgency of seeing our Ankeny, IA team when your child needs a dental filling. Maybe you aren’t too worried about consistent dental checkups just yet because your child still has baby teeth (more on that later!), you may assume you have lots of time to treat tooth decay, and… Read more »

Toothache Relief: Immediate, Soon, Long-Term 

One moment, your smile isn’t really registering in your thoughts because it’s fine. The next? It’s nearly all you can think about because you have a toothache, which is a very unique type of pain that often takes over your entire existence until things are better! The result of this sensation, of course, is that… Read more »

The Things Your Ignored Cavity Interrupts

You may figure that you can just ignore that cavity that we have diagnosed (or that you are fairly certain you have) for a while. In fact, it’s just decay, you think to yourself, and this is something that happens to lots of people! So, you probably have a while before it’s really that big of… Read more »

Say Goodbye To That Toothache In 4 Steps

A toothache can strike on any day, at any time of day, and sometimes it’s surprisingly convenient. Other times, you wonder how you could possibly have developed discomfort at such an inopportune moment. Whatever the particulars of the experience, one thing is always true: It feels quite terrible and you really want a solution as… Read more »

A Look at Today’s Tooth Fillings

When adhered to strictly, an excellent hygiene routine and schedule of preventive dental care (such as checkups and cleanings) can greatly increase your chances of preventing issues like cavities. However, not everyone can adhere to that routine strictly every single day, and sometimes, one small slipup can be all a cavity needs to develop. At… Read more »

Don’t Let Decay Get The Best Of You

When you’re down and out about your tooth decay that we discovered during your last visit, you may find that having a cavity is really making you feel bad! This, of course, is not something our Ankeny, IA team wants! Instead, we want you to realize that everything is going to be just fine, that… Read more »

I Don’t Eat Sugar: Why Do I Get Cavities?

You might think to yourself that since sugar can lead to cavities, as long as you avoid sweets, you’ll enjoy perfect oral health. While it is definitely helpful to avoid sugar if you’re hoping to prevent tooth decay, it’s not going to completely stop decay from forming. You see, sugar is not the only problem… Read more »

Simple Suggestions For Dealing With Decay

So, you have some tooth decay that’s affecting your smile. Nobody likes hearing this news or wants to accept that their brushing and flossing perhaps needs a little improvement. The good news, however, is that we can help you improve your dental hygiene and we can get rid of the decay with restorative care. So,… Read more »