Ankeny, IA dentist offers crowns

Restore Your Smile After An Injury

When you have a cavity, fillings are a restorative tool used to help stop the progression of decay and protect the area. But, when you have injured your tooth, what can be done to fix this? Whether the injury has caused the area to chip, crack, or break, there is a way to help you. At Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, we can use dental crowns to restore and protect the area from further damage.

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When Are Dental Crowns Used

This restoration is a tooth-shaped cap that can be used to cover damage to your pearly whites. This can be used if the area has been weakened or otherwise damaged. For instance, if you frequently grind your teeth, the enamel may become worn down quicker. To protect the area from breaking, crowns may be placed so that you can chew and speak with more comfort. For patients receiving a bridge, these caps may be placed on the adjacent teeth to protect them and provide extra support to the area. If one of your pearly whites has been harmed from an accident, these can also be used to protect the area and prevent the need for an extraction.

Receiving The Crown

Getting your restoration may include a few appointments over a few weeks. First, measurements will be taken and sent to a lab for creation. Each tooth is unique, and the cap will need to be shaped for your needs. If your tooth has been harmed in an accident, do not wait until your next checkup to have the area looked at. Delaying treatment can put you at risk of further damage or an infection, which may lead to an extraction being necessary. If you are receiving a crown before having a bridge installed, this will be included in the process. Once the cap has been created, your next appointment will be used to check the fit of it. The dentist will make any necessary adjustments and then cement the crown in place.

Ignoring A Harmed Tooth

If you have broken one of your pearly whites, it is important to have the area looked at as soon as possible. Leaving it untreated can make the area susceptible to more breakage and even an infection. It may become difficult to chew food or speak when you harm a tooth. If the area is not treated promptly, an extraction may be necessary. This is often the last choice because losing permanent teeth can cause a variety of problems and may require prosthetic replacements in the future, which can be costly.

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If you have harmed your tooth, do not put off a repair until your next appointment. Talk to your dentist about receiving a dental crown to protect it. You can call Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA today at 515.965.0230.