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What To Expect From Cavity Treatment With A Filling

Why is it so important that you focus on keeping your smile completely cavity-free? Even a small cavity is enough to cause permanent damage to your tooth structure. What that means is that even when a problem with decay is recognized early, it can result in irreversible harm. If you find yourself with a cavity,… Read more »

Things That Fillings Bring To A Screeching Halt

You might think of dental fillings as something you just have to receive when you have a cavity, we tell you that this is the treatment you need, and that’s where the details end. However, our Ankeny, IA team asks: Have you ever truly considered just how far-reaching the benefits of agreeing to this restoration… Read more »

Don’t Ignore Your Kids’ Cavities! 

You may not necessarily feel the urgency of seeing our Ankeny, IA team when your child needs a dental filling. Maybe you aren’t too worried about consistent dental checkups just yet because your child still has baby teeth (more on that later!), you may assume you have lots of time to treat tooth decay, and… Read more »

The Things Your Ignored Cavity Interrupts

You may figure that you can just ignore that cavity that we have diagnosed (or that you are fairly certain you have) for a while. In fact, it’s just decay, you think to yourself, and this is something that happens to lots of people! So, you probably have a while before it’s really that big of… Read more »

Things You Think About Fillings (That Aren’t True)

You may have lots of ideas about dental fillings. Some of them may be spot on! However, some of them may be not quite right. Unfortunately, the ideas you have that are brought about due to misinformation can cause you some serious trouble! In what way, you ask? Well, they may cause you to avoid… Read more »

Cavity Talk: Things You’re Forgetting

There are a few things you might be forgetting about in terms of cavities. This includes both preventing those cavities and dealing with them, should they arrive. While our Ankeny, IA team would love, of course, for you to avoid tooth decay completely, we also want to offer you a realistic outlook! So, let’s talk… Read more »

Seemingly Small Problems: Big Consequences

When you have any type of oral health problem that you realize may require dental care, one of your first ways of handling it may be to determine whether you think it’s a big deal or a not so big deal. Once you determine that you’re experiencing a seemingly small issue, you may give yourself… Read more »

Tooth-Colored Fillings: Unanswered Questions You Want To Ask!

You have long heard about tooth-colored fillings and now, here you are, finding yourself in need of one. While it sounds nice at first blush, you immediately find that the questions you’ve always had about this type of restorative care are still there. However, now they are unanswered questions that you would really like to… Read more »

Finding Your Happy Place When You Need A Filling

Our Ankeny, IA team is well aware that the first thing you might not necessarily feel when you learn it’s time for a dental filling is pure joy. However, we remind all patients, from those who are sort-of-okay with dental care to those who experience some amount of dental anxiety the same thing: Fillings are… Read more »

2 Ways Holiday Time May Encourage Tooth Decay

Of course, there is no direct connection between the mere existence of the winter holidays and the potential for tooth decay. However, there are some things that tend to come with this time of year that may encourage the development of cavities! While this may cause you to think that this surely puts a damper… Read more »