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Have You Reached Your 2019 Whitening Goals?

Did you have lots of big dreams when the 2019 year began? Were you thinking all about the lovely, much brighter, stain-free smile you were going to achieve and you were feeling so motivated, what with the 12 months of time you had ahead of you to figure things out, get started with treatment, and… Read more »

3 Things You’ll Notice After Teeth Whitening

After teeth whitening, you’re going to notice some things you may not have exactly considered before receiving this type of cosmetic care. Sure, you knew that you’d be saying goodbye to stains and hello to improvement. However, how much emphasis did you put on what whitening might mean for you, for your smile care, for… Read more »

3 Things You Can Do Instead Of Brushing With Charcoal Toothpaste

Are you still considering the charcoal toothpaste trend because it seems easy, it seems quick, it seems very accessible, and you’re really tired of your yellow smile? What if our Ankeny, IA team was to tell you that brushing with charcoal is nearly equivalent to brushing with a mouthful of rocks and that it might… Read more »

Your Local Dentist’s Explanation Of Surprising Smile Stains!

So, you brush your teeth two times a day. You floss it, too. You know that you’re doing what we have told you that you need to do at home to ensure your smile is healthy, that it remains clean and beautiful, but you still end up with a grin that’s discolored instead of brilliant!… Read more »

Whitening Your Smile: 2 Fads To Skip, 1 Choice To Select

When you’re ready for a whiter smile, there’s one thing that can become your greatest enemy: You decide you want it right now and as a result, you turn to some of the “tricks” and DIY (do it yourself) options you’ve seen online for the brilliant grin you cannot stop thinking about. Unfortunately, when you… Read more »

Stains: What They Do (And Don’t) Mean

When your smile is impacted by the presence of stains or what you think are stains, you’ll find that you have a lot on your mind. First, you wonder what it means about your smile. Next, you’ll wonder how to fix it. You’ll probably notice along the way that you start to become a bit… Read more »

Budgeting For Teeth Whitening: Dos and Don’ts

When you’re excited about teeth whitening but you aren’t sure about fitting it into your budget, there are some things that you absolutely should do. Then, there are things we would suggest against. So, how to make sure you’re headed toward beautiful results that you can afford without taking missteps along the way? Try some… Read more »

When You Want Teeth Whitening But…

There are some funny things that may happen to you when you realize you want teeth whitening. First, you feel happy. You like the idea … no, you love the idea of your whiter smile. However, then, the funny thing happens! You find yourself inundated with reasons you think you might not be able to… Read more »

DIY: Not A Good Plan For Whitening

When you’re feeling all ready to make movement toward a much whiter smile, your sense of urgency can become great! You’re ready for a brighter smile and you’d like for this change to happen as quickly as humanly possible. As a result, you may find yourself drawn to DIY teeth whitening options that you see… Read more »

Get A Brighter Smile For The Summer

With so much sunshine, everything is brighter! Your teeth should be no different. Whitening your teeth can get you that dazzling, bright smile you are looking for. Whitening your teeth is also the easiest and least invasive cosmetic form of dentistry that can also make a huge impact on your smile’s appearance. There are over-the-counter… Read more »