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4 Reminders About Treating Tooth Loss

The idea of treating tooth loss might be something that’s very new for you. As a result, you may realize that you’re not feeling entirely sure about its benefits, about when to get started, and the list goes on. Then again, even if you have dealt with replacing teeth in the past, it’s still possible… Read more »

The Path From Bruxism To Tooth Loss!

One of the reasons we find that patients often have a laid-back approach to scheduling dental care when something has just started to go wrong? They don’t recognize that very early, often mild beginnings of oral health problems can lead to extremely severe ends! As a result, our Ankeny, IA team likes to keep you… Read more »

Reminder: Tooth Loss Is Not Inevitable

You may assume that no matter what you do, as you get older, it’s just a fact of life that you’ll probably face tooth loss at some point. However, our Ankeny, IA team wants you to hear loud and clear from our team that this is not accurate! Losing your teeth is not one of… Read more »

3 Ways To Feel Better About Tooth Loss

You might not be feeling too happy about your tooth loss at the moment. This is understandable, of course, as suddenly being at a loss of one or more of your teeth is not something that makes life easy or that helps you feel good about your smile! While our Ankeny, IA team certainly feels… Read more »

Why Talk About Tooth Replacement So Soon?

We know that when you already have one thing to deal with in regard to your oral health, whether it’s coming to grips with a tooth you have just lost (or one that you know is on its way out because you have a tooth removal scheduled), it can feel trying. In many cases, our… Read more »

3 Facts that Make Tooth Loss Less Scary

Tooth loss affects enough people that you might confuse it as something that happens to everyone. However, one of the most important facts about tooth loss is that isn’t inevitable. These days, more patients in Ankeny, IA, are able to preserve their healthy, natural smiles for life thanks to consistent, personalized dental care. Even those… Read more »

Why Candidacy For Dental Implants Is Relative!

You might think that candidacy for dental implants is black and white. It’s a yes or no, you figure. Unfortunately, this is the type of thing that keeps patients away from our Ankeny, IA practice, as they simply assume even though it’s something they want for their smiles, it just might be something they cannot… Read more »

Your Local Dentist Explains: Types Of Prosthetic Support

Are you not too thrilled with your smile at the current moment because you don’t have all of your teeth? We know that tooth loss is certainly not an experience that makes you smile. The good news? When you visit your local dentist to learn more about your extremely varied and wonderful list of solutions that… Read more »

Ways Replacement Teeth Change Your Day

Are you looking for some way to make your life easier since experiencing tooth loss? However, do you keep convincing yourself that you’ll just get used to the changes that come with missing teeth? Maybe you’ve been ignoring the concern for some time now and you figure you’ll be fine for a while longer. To… Read more »

Need Replacement Teeth? Here’s What To Do.

There’s something about needing replacement teeth that can leave you feeling out of sorts. You know that it would be better for many reasons if you were to have a smile that included all of its teeth. However, you don’t know what type of replacement you should get. You aren’t sure what it requires or… Read more »