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Pick Up Goodies At Ankeny’s Christmas Cookie Sale!

Christmas is a time for exchanging gifts, meeting with friends and family, and enjoying different seasonal activities. It is also a time for you to indulge in tasty treats, including themed cookies. You can pick up your own goodies when you drop in at the Christmas Cookie Sale on Saturday, December 10! The Ankeny Area… Read more »

Timely Cavity Treatment With A Dental Filling

Does it matter when a cavity is treated? Once you have this trouble with your tooth, there will be permanent harm to its structure. With that said, the time it takes you to have the matter addressed will affect how much harm occurs. A delay will also mean letting the problem worsen to the point… Read more »

The Hawk Jag 5K Takes Place Sept 24!

On Saturday, September 24, the Hawk Jag 5K will bring out runners to enjoy a fun and invigorating race to help raise funds for Ankeny-area schools! This charity run will take participants through different parts of the town, and will bring you through sections of our local trail system. An after party at the end… Read more »

The Convenient Option Of Dental Bonding

If you have an interest in fixing a problem with your smile, you may worry over the time involved in treatment. Another potential concern is with what your dentist will have to do to change your appearance. The idea of a longer, more elaborate procedure can make you less interested in cosmetic work even if… Read more »

3 Problems Dental Crowns Can Solve

There are different ways in which your Ankeny, IA dentist can take care of your smile. One way is by providing the kinds of preventive services that make you less likely to experience difficulties with your oral health that require further care. At times when something needs to be done to address problems with your… Read more »

Using Your Benefits For Consistent Dental Care

Your dental benefits help you access the kind of regular oral health support that will keep your smile in good condition. Routine dental checkups and cleanings help you avoid trouble with both gum disease and dental decay over time. They also alert you to any problems that might require additional services, including restorative dental work… Read more »

We Can Help With Nightly Teeth Grinding

If you spend your nights grinding and clenching your jaw, the wear and tear on your teeth can become a serious issue. The friction can lead to problems with your enamel that make your smile look less attractive. In time, the pressure can lead to chips and cracks that also create concerns for your oral… Read more »

Using Your Remaining Dental Benefits

While the final month of 2021 is here, you still have time left to use your remaining dental benefits. One big advantage to having coverage for your oral health is that you can have an easier time scheduling your semiannual dental checkups and cleanings. By staying consistent with these appointments, you can protect yourself against… Read more »

Scheduling Dental Care On Short Notice

When you have no concerns about your oral health, you can keep your smile healthy and safe by sticking with semiannual dental exams. At these regular appointments, you will receive beneficial feedback about the condition of your teeth and gums, and you will also enjoy protection in the form of a dental cleaning. However, when… Read more »

Should You Receive A Dental Bridge?

If you are trying to simply live with an incomplete smile, you can run into several frustrating problems. Those problems can come up during meals and snacks, as you can have a more difficult time biting and chewing. You can also find it hard to feel comfortable with your appearance, as you may worry that… Read more »