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Should You Receive A Dental Bridge?

If you are trying to simply live with an incomplete smile, you can run into several frustrating problems. Those problems can come up during meals and snacks, as you can have a more difficult time biting and chewing. You can also find it hard to feel comfortable with your appearance, as you may worry that… Read more »

Tips For Preventing Gingivitis In 2021 (And Beyond)

Will you have any reason to see your dentist in 2021? If you want to stay informed about your oral health and avoid issues like tartar buildup, you should stay current with preventive care by attending semiannual dental checkups. With that said, by practicing good habits at home and taking advantage of the preventive care… Read more »

We Can Schedule Dental Exams For Parents And Kids

When you can take everyone in your family to the same dental office, it can be easier to stay on top of everyone’s oral health needs. An all-ages dentist’s office allows you to schedule routine dental exams at the same place and time while still ensuring everyone has the right care for them. For adults,… Read more »

Is It Time To Start Talking About Dental Implant Placement?

Once you lose a tooth, you experience more than just a problem with your smile. The cosmetic effect of tooth loss is nothing to shrug off, but you should be aware that your incomplete smile will make biting and chewing more difficult. You should also know that you are more likely to lose more teeth… Read more »

Can Better Periodontal Health Improve Your Smile?

You can identify several habits that seem like they would keep you safe from the onset of visible smile flaws. By maintaining a good oral hygiene routine and limiting your intake of dark or color-rich foods and drinks, you can lower your risk for picking up noticeable teeth stains. By avoiding excess wear and tear… Read more »

3 Oral Health Issues To Watch Out For Around The Holidays

With the holidays upon us, families can have more time together as kids enjoy breaks from their schooling and parents have welcome breaks from work. No matter what your household plans this season, it can be hard to resist the festive feelings that arise during this time of year. While you should make the most… Read more »

Can Better Periodontal Health Give You More Confidence?

There are several issues linked to poor periodontal health that can hurt your self-confidence. When you are dealing with gingivitis, you can worry about problems with swollen gums, or tissues that bleed easily. You can also have difficulties with chronic bad breath! Concerns about your periodontal health can grow even more serious over time if… Read more »

Is It Time For You To Schedule A Periodontal Cleaning?

Until you start to experience problems with poor periodontal health, you may not realize just how worrying an infection can be. Gingivitis can be treated with better oral hygiene, and through a periodontal cleaning provided at your Ankeny, IA dentist’s office. However, if treatment is not provided, and the infection worsens, you can experience problems… Read more »

Smile With Confidence After Your Dental Bridge Is Placed

Losing a tooth can take away a person’s confidence in the way they look, particularly when they smile. You can worry that the gap between teeth caused by tooth loss is attracting everyone’s attention while also giving them an unfavorable impression of you. If you wish you could regain your smile, and also your confidence… Read more »

Conservative Cosmetic Work Can Address Damage From Bruxism

Even if you address the problem not long after you become aware of it, bruxism can have lasting consequences for your appearance. The friction produced by teeth grinding or clenching can wear down your enamel gradually, leading to changes in the shape and size of your teeth. Minor changes can do enough to change the… Read more »