Month: November 2012

How Turkeys Chew Without Teeth: Ankeny Dentist Explains

Each November, turkeys everywhere feed families and provide sustenance for holiday parties and gatherings. Travel plans typically ramp up this time of year and so does stress in many cases. Luckily, humans can still indulge in our holiday favorites with the help of teeth. Birds like turkeys do not use teeth to chew and process… Read more »

Ankeny Dentist Discusses Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Throughout America, people begin preparing for their holiday travels. Family gatherings, holiday parties, and seasonal events will all kick up soon. Pumpkins, cranberries, turkeys, and the like will all grace the tops of serving tables throughout Ankeny and beyond. November also serves as Alzheimer’s Awareness Month in the United States. Currently, over 13% of the… Read more »

Ankeny Family Dentist: Top 3 Healthy Fall Herbs, Spices

The smell of a cooked turkey can tantalize the senses and cause many a mouth to water. Herbs and spices add dazzling flavors and aromas to a plethora of dishes. As the fall season continues and the holidays approach, many people search for spices with added health benefits. Your Ankeny family dentist, Dr. Amanda Foust,… Read more »