Month: April 2015

Learn About Dental Bridges

Suffering with an open space in your smile can cause you to feel a wide array of emotions, none of which are positive. First, you may feel disappointment if the open space is the result of a problem like periodontal disease. You may also deal with embarrassment when it comes to the way your smile looks… Read more »

Reasons You May Need A Dental Crown

Did we recently tell you that you need a dental crown to save your tooth? If so, you probably assume this is a very good decision since you would like to keep your smile intact. However, when it comes to any restorative treatment, you are likely interested in learning more about the details before you… Read more »

About Your Dental Filling: Q&A

Few people – if any – jump for joy when they learn they have a cavity. And even less exciting, we find, is when we suggest a dental filling to address cavities. While we understand your hesitation and lack of enthusiasm, we hope you will learn more about fillings by asking your questions and having… Read more »

All About Dental Sealants: A Quiz

Have you ever wondered why there isn’t some way to thoroughly protect teeth from dental plaque? Certainly, if you could keep plaque from coming into contact with teeth, the incidence of tooth decay would drop considerably. Right? While we cannot completely seal each of your teeth, we do offer sealants. Not sure what to expect… Read more »