Category: Community Events

Build With Legos!: Community Event

What’s that? Your floor is about to become completely covered in Legos (that you will inevitably step on) because school is out for the summer … and building something amazing is your kids’ main goal for the season? What to do, what to do? Well, why not keep those little, tiny blocks in their storage… Read more »

Mac Basics Class

Did you head out to the Apple Store, pick yourself up something new, and all while assuming your long history with PCs was not going to be a problem in the least? Perhaps you thought to yourself, “A computer is a computer, this will be fine!” That is, until you booted up this completely different… Read more »

Kids In The Kitchen 2019

What’s that? Your kids? Your little ones? Cooking for you and for themselves? My, how the tables have turned! For an exciting, educational, Ankeny, IA event that will help transform your kiddos into little knowledgeable chefs, consider signing your children up for the Kids in the Kitchen series! They’ll go from watching you prepare a… Read more »

Photo, Slide, And Document Scanning Class!

Summer is here, which means that the project you’ve been saying you’ll do over summer, the one you’ve been putting off all year long … it’s time to get started. You know the project. It’s that mountain of photos, slides, and documents, ever growing and always taking up space that you want to tackle but… Read more »

Movies Under The Stars For 2019

Hey, members of the Ankeny, IA community! Remember this amazing event? It’s Movies Under The Stars and it is back with a hefty list of showings throughout June and July 2019! Gather up your outdoor wear, find the picnic blanket, mist on a bit of bug spray, and prepare to unwind, relax, take in the… Read more »

Ice Cream Social 2019

It’s that time of year again! You know, the time of year when you rub your eyes and look around and finally believe that winter is over and it’s actually warm enough to spend some time outdoors in absolutely beautiful weather! That means, heading out to the park with the family for picnics, casual strolls,… Read more »

Fire Department Special Needs Open House  

There’s an exciting, brand new event held by our Ankeny Fire Department for 2019! If you haven’t heard about it yet, then you may wish to pay close attention and mark your calendar. It’s the Fire Department Special Needs Open House in our very own Ankeny, IA community. The experience will be full of information,… Read more »

Beauty Of The Bloom: Iris Exhibit & Celebration

Are there few flowers you find more beautiful and interesting than the iris? Whether you prefer a bearded iris, a sunshine-yellow bloom, brilliant purples, or any hue in between, the upcoming Beauty of the Bloom Iris Exhibit & Celebration is likely something that will put a smile on your face and warm your heart! Don’t… Read more »

13th Annual Earth Day Stream And Watershed Cleanup

Still looking for a way to feel like you’ve really gone the extra mile this year in honor of Earth Day? Well then, look no further than the upcoming 13th Annual Earth Day Stream And Watershed Cleanup. It’s a bit of a mouthful but the experience is a very straightforward one! This is your opportunity… Read more »

National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day 2019

There’s a lot going on during the week of April 21st! Easter celebrations come to a close and we welcome Earth Day on Monday! If you’ve got some plans in the making for taking special time to honor the environment or to clean up, we are happy to announce an event that will help: It’s… Read more »