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TGIF: Teens Get Involved Fridays

Whether you are just a bit “over” your teens spending tons of time staring at screens, your kids have been on the lookout for fun events that benefit the community, or you just really love library events, the following is certainly true for everyone: The upcoming TGIF: Teens Getting Involved Fridays events in our Ankeny,… Read more »

Teen Halloween Treats 2019

Do you have teens who are just a teeny bit blue about this Halloween, not because they don’t have parties and activities that they’re going to thoroughly enjoy … but because they aren’t little kids anymore (and secretly miss the over-the-top experience they enjoyed when they were younger)? Whether they’re nearly a bit too big… Read more »

Creepy Capers Party 2019: Deadline Approaching!

What’s more exciting to your kiddos than getting to put on their Halloween costumes before the big day arrives? Well, getting to head to a costume party that’s just for kids and that’s full of just about every delicious, fun activity they can imagine is fairly certain to put a smile on your kiddos’ faces!… Read more »

Earl May’s Annual Pumpkin Festival For 2019!

Looking for some nostalgic fall fun? Not necessarily prepared to pull out the paints, glitter, carving tools, and more for the annual Jack O’Lantern experience that you go through every year because the cleanup just isn’t sounding delightful (but seeing your kids light up as they work away on their pumpkins is certainly important to… Read more »

Preschool Story Time: Special “Bee Themed” 

What are your children’s thoughts on bees? Do they love them? Do they run screaming at the first “buzz” that they hear? If you happen to be a bee enthusiast and hope to educate your kiddos on these very important pollinators in our environment, then the upcoming Preschool Story Time: Special “Bee Themed” event in… Read more »

Kids Create Critter Art Class: Registration Deadline

Imagine you’re a kid again! What types of things fascinate you and make you smile? Playing outside, of course. The zoo, obviously! Oh, and then there’s sitting down for an art project. Great news: The upcoming Kids Create Critter Art Class combines all of these child-focused areas of fun for one very enjoyable outing in… Read more »

LEGO Challenge Club (Ages 3rd Through 5th Grade)

This is some serious (well, seriously fun) business! If you have kids at home who are some exceptional builders and feel that they have what it takes to make it through a LEGO challenge, then this is most certainly the Ankeny, IA event to consider! It’s the LEGO Challenge Club, to be exact, which means… Read more »

Babies & Brew: Playtime For Them, Coffee For You! 

Always feeling just a little bit sleepy and yawn-y in the mornings, as your little one is absolutely full of energy and you’re still trying to shake off the drowsiness of dreamtime? If you love getting out and about but you could really use some help waking up, then the upcoming Babies & Brew: Playtime… Read more »

Teen “Pizza And Slime” Program

If you close your eyes and think back to your teen years, you may remember the copious amounts of pizza you consumed and the fact that slime was cool (and became an ever-oozing, ever-popular part of the collective social experience!). Fast forward to today and you might not take part in these nostalgic indulgences anymore… Read more »

Parent/Child Volleyball Basics (Registration Deadline) 

Calling all parents and kids who would really love to brush up on their volleyball skills. Okay, let’s try that again: Calling all parents and kids who would like to begin at the beginning, as you learn the introductory details that will help you play volleyball with the skills and knowledge you need! Remember, once… Read more »