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3 Reasons To Start Scheduling Regular Dental Exams Again

As you think about the start of the new year, and begin looking for improvements you can make to your life, take some time to think about the care you put into your smile. If you no longer make a point of seeing your dentist for preventive care, restarting this habit can have benefits that… Read more »

4 R’s For Success With Your Smile Protection! 

As you already know, figuring out just what it takes to feel on track and amazing about your smile care is definitely unique to each patient. Some do better by implementing a lot of structure. Others prefer to give themselves incentives. It’s all about getting in touch with the way you work! With that said,… Read more »

Hidden Holiday Damage Starting With “W”: Preventing Problems!

Of course, during holiday time, it would be lovely if we knew that the magic of the season could make our smiles immune to any type of damage! Unfortunately, our Ankeny, IA team sometimes finds that patients guess that this might be possible, only to emerge at the other side of the season with issues… Read more »

Cheers! Drinks that Support Your Smile

We are entering the family get-together and favorite food and beverage season, but that doesn’t mean your oral hygiene can’t be as good as ever. As you think about family dinners and special restaurant meals, your Ankeny, IA family dentist can offer suggestions to help prevent cavities and keep teeth strong and healthy without sacrificing… Read more »

Cold And Flu Season: When Sickness Hits (Smile Tips)

Yikes! You know that in addition to feeling excited about the holiday season, the cooler weather means something much less enchanting is upon us: It’s cold and flu season! Nobody wants to talk about it but, of course, most of our friends and neighbors in our Ankeny, IA community are stocking up on extra tissue,… Read more »

Wintertime Dental Sensitivity: Some Helpful Information 

You know all about dental sensitivity, of course, and that when your teeth feel they’re being “zinged” so to speak, it’s time to let us know you need a bit of help from our Ankeny, IA team. With that said, if sensitivity is a common theme in your life, then you also know when you’re… Read more »

Smile Care Breakdown: The Stuff You’re Wasting! 

Usually, you think about what you’re creating, doing, and accomplishing on behalf of your smile when you’re taking care of it. However, there comes a point when you may notice that there seems to be something wasteful about some aspect of your smile care. Or, you may not realize it in a very conscious way… Read more »

Bad Things That Happen When You Don’t Floss

When you don’t floss your teeth, you may realize day after day that shockingly, nothing horrible is happening. You thought for sure that you’d immediately notice your teeth feeling loose, dropping out of your mouth, or looking damaged. You thought you’d deal with widespread oral pain, extremely inflamed gums, and worse! However, here you are…. Read more »

What Is My Dental Care Actually Doing?

You know that your dental care, which you so lovingly practice in a committed fashion every single day, is doing something very important. If our Ankeny, IA team were to ask you what it is that your smile care accomplishes, you would likely tell us that it’s protecting your oral health! However, do you really… Read more »

Saving Your Smile: 3 Habits To Break Right This Second

If you can take just a moment to think through an entire day, the way you care for your smile throughout that 24-hour period, the foods you eat and drink, and any other detail you can muster up, we suggest one thing at the moment: Take stock of any habits you might be participating in… Read more »