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Don’t Let Your Toothbrush Get Lonely! 

When you’re having trouble remembering that your brushing isn’t enough to maintain a completely healthy smile, we like to offer our help. Remember that your dental hygiene also needs to include flossing and that even when you’re on track with this part of your smile care, you still need to see our Ankeny, IA team,… Read more »

Your “Where” Questions About Smile Care (And Easy Answers)

You might have some questions about smile care that come and go! Over time, you may occasionally notice some trends in your questioning! If you are like many of our Ankeny, IA patients, you realize that you may end up with a lot “where” questions that you just can’t quite seem to sort out on… Read more »

Dry Mouth During Summer: 4 Changes To Make

Did you know that dry mouth is something that can happen to you all year round? Were you aware that when it happens over the course of summer, there happen to be some very easy, seasonally-motivated changes you can make that can have a serious impact (as your saliva levels get to go back to… Read more »

What’s Gone Wrong With Your Smile Routine?

Has something gone terribly awry with your smile routine? Is your home dental care sort of on track but not as streamlined as you’d like? Maybe when we talk with you about your routine, you secretly think to yourself, “Routine? What routine?” Whatever the case, our Ankeny, IA practice is pleased to inform you that… Read more »

Chewing Considerations You Should Keep In Mind

You already know that you should consider the amount of sugar you’re eating, that you should rinse as much as you can, and that your daily dental hygiene and long-term professional dental care are all extremely important! However, you may not spend a whole lot of time thinking about your chewing. Did you know that… Read more »

How Important Is It? Checkup Edition

Summertime is upon us! For many families it’s a sigh of relief and chance to relax. For other families its the start of the busy season of travel, summer camp and visits to and from relatives. In the hustle and bustle, don’t forget about dental checkups for you and your family. Dental checkups are very… Read more »

I Brush My Teeth! What Else?

Congratulations if you are performing one of the most smile-friendly tooth care habits twice a day: tooth brushing! Without good home care it is almost impossible to maintain optimal oral health, fresh breath and smile you can be proud of. However, before you rest on your laurels, your family dentist in Ankeny, IA can offer… Read more »

Toothpaste: Easy Advice For “How?” Questions!

Do you know whether or not the way you’re using your toothpaste is absolutely fantastic, if you’re using a product that can’t be beat, or if perhaps you should change to some other selection? When you suddenly find yourself feeling unsure about this staple of your daily smile care, you may be shocked! There are… Read more »

Your Oral Health: Things You Don’t Want To Mention (But Really Should)

We definitely get how you’re feeling. You have something you’d like to bring up so that you can receive the oral health help you need. However, you might feel overly worried, too embarrassed, unsure about what to expect, and more. So, you just keep your thoughts to yourself. However, when you need to discuss something… Read more »

Smile Details: Stuff You’re Not Necessarily Getting Right

You know how there are sayings that we seem to just take as fact? Perhaps you are someone who frequently makes comments like, “More is more!” and you figure that it applies to your smile care, just as you apply it to nearly everything else! Maybe you have come to believe that as long as… Read more »