Month: October 2012

Eruption Cyst Quiz with Ankeny Dentist

Parenting can overwhelm even the most experienced nurturers. Noticing odd lesions or cysts in the mouths of infants can leave parents worried, anxious, or confused about potential treatment for their young children. One visible dental issue seen at an early age involves eruption cysts. These cysts appear bluish in most cases, but can present themselves… Read more »

Discover Safe Tooth Whitening at Home in Ankeny

A lackluster smile can negatively impact a person’s confidence level. Many patients report covering their mouth when they smile due to embarrassment caused by yellowing or stained teeth. A laundry list of foods and beverages exist which contribute to staining and discoloration. Many people are aware that coffee and red wine stain teeth, but soy… Read more »

Discussing Craze Lines with Ankeny Dentist

An embarrassing smile can be a nuisance to deal with as teeth discolor due to craze lines. Smiles often lose their luster over time. When craze lines appear, they typically run vertically on the surface of tooth enamel. Over time, stains can develop in craze lines which could be difficult to remove with standard brushing…. Read more »

Ankeny Dentist Discusses Bacteria of the Mouth

Do you ever wonder about the bacteria living in your mouth? The presence of bacteria in the human mouth is inevitable. Some are beneficial, while others can prove harmful to your oral health. In many cases, the effects of harmful oral bacteria could be minimized with an improved oral health regimen. Your Ankeny dentist, Dr…. Read more »

Ankeny Dentist Recommends Sweet Fall Foods

Are you planning to snack on a candy bar this Halloween? As October arrives, candy will be consumed at alarming rates throughout the country, by adults and children. The amount of sugar and acids found in Halloween candy can be extremely harmful to teeth — and lead to cavities — which leads to toothaches. Rule… Read more »