Month: March 2016

Dental Implants: Placement And Restoration

Are you ready to receive dental implants? Have you done your research, leading you to the decision that implants are likely the best choice for addressing your tooth loss? If so, we couldn’t be more excited for the future of your smile, which will soon become complete and fully functional again. As for qualifying for… Read more »

Do You Want A Bridge?

Have you been doing a little research into the big wide world of tooth replacements? If so, you know that your treatment options are not limited but, instead, provide you with a wealth of selections to choose from. For patients thinking about choosing a dental bridge to replace a missing tooth (or missing teeth), learn more… Read more »

Quiz: Dental Crown Basics

Are you awaiting your scheduled visit for a dental crown? Do you know what to expect from the treatment and why we have recommended this restoration for your smile? Perhaps you have not yet come to see us but you have a hunch that you will most likely require a crown (a thought that leaves you feeling… Read more »

3 Goals Of Preventive Visits

Have you ever given much thought to why you are supposed to schedule a preventive dentistry visit one time every six months? Do you ever think to yourself that once every six months seems too frequent? Perhaps you are like many patients and assume that the main reason we ask to see you is to… Read more »

3 Questions To Ask About Fillings

When we suggest you schedule a dental filling because you have a cavity that requires care, you may not feel comfortable setting up that visit right away. We understand! However, because time is of the essence with a progressive issue like tooth decay, the sooner you come in for your filling, the better. To speed… Read more »