Month: May 2016

Quiz: Hormonal Changes And Your Smile

Are you quite clear on what can happen to your oral health if you experience a shift in your hormone balance? Perhaps you have never even heard of this issue, so your knowledge on the topic may be minimal at best. While we will be happy to expound upon the details during your next checkup… Read more »

New Medication, New Smile Changes?

If you have recently begun using a new medication and have noticed that you have also begun developing some oral health changes, it’s important to recognize that the two might be related. If you took a new pill and then found out the next day that you have a cavity – it’s not the pill’s… Read more »

2 Times Your Smile Gives Off The Wrong Vibe

Do you ever feel like your smile isn’t doing much for your overall appearance? Perhaps you feel confident in your other features but your smile continues to betray either the way you look or the efforts you make to keep your smile nice and healthy. Good news: You’re not stuck battling your smile as you… Read more »

Brushing: A Few Things To Avoid

When you’re making every effort to provide your smile with optimal dental hygiene, it can be quite disheartening to end up with a cavity, sensitivity, or any other sign that something isn’t quite right with your home care. We encourage you to take a moment to focus on your brushing. With the help of a… Read more »

Tooth Sensitivity: 3 Steps

Are you suffering from tooth sensitivity? If so, you experience sudden discomfort due to changes in your mouth. For instance, your teeth may feel a sudden rush of pain when you bite into something cold. Drinking something hot may make your smile feel uncomfortable. Or, you may find that general chewing and brushing feels less… Read more »