Category: Patient Education

Cold And Flu Season: When Sickness Hits (Smile Tips)

Yikes! You know that in addition to feeling excited about the holiday season, the cooler weather means something much less enchanting is upon us: It’s cold and flu season! Nobody wants to talk about it but, of course, most of our friends and neighbors in our Ankeny, IA community are stocking up on extra tissue,… Read more »

Dental Speak: What Does Perio Mean?

Do you ever come across a word you haven’t heard before? It might take just a few computer clicks to look it up, or maybe a walk across the room to grab your dictionary. When you are faced with a new word at the dental office, our knowledgable dental staff in Ankeny, IA can explain… Read more »

Dental Care: Are These Things The Same?

Sometimes, dental care can be confusing. Not because you’re not sure how to keep your teeth and gums clean or how to access professional care when you need it. Instead, you may find that you hear terminology that seems to be identical but you realize there are likely some subtle nuances that make them different!… Read more »

Soda: Easy Mistakes You Can Avoid! 

There are some easy mistakes you can make when it comes to drinking soda and all because you’re missing just a tiny bit of information that would prove very helpful! So, what type of significant facts are you unaware of that might cause your teeth to become stained, damaged, decayed, and more? Not to worry:… Read more »

Ouch! Dental Sensitivity And What To Do About It! 

Yowtch! Your smile that usually feels perfectly fine can suddenly feel not-so-great. If you realize that dental sensitivity is starting to impact your life on a regular basis and not just as a fleeting sensation, that our Ankeny, IA team reminds you that there are a handful of things you can (and should) do to… Read more »

Chewing Considerations You Should Keep In Mind

You already know that you should consider the amount of sugar you’re eating, that you should rinse as much as you can, and that your daily dental hygiene and long-term professional dental care are all extremely important! However, you may not spend a whole lot of time thinking about your chewing. Did you know that… Read more »

Your Perio Health: Today, Tomorrow, Into The Future

Of course, you have some idea that your perio health is extremely important. After all, your gums and your teeth both need to be healthy in order for you to be able to enjoy complete oral health, so tending to gum issues is one key factor. However, you may not have a full scope of… Read more »

Call Us About These Concerns Each And Every Time

You may sometimes feel that there’s grey area when you’re trying to decide whether to call us to schedule a visit with your local dentist. Should you stay home and wait an issue out, you wonder? Or, should you err on the side of caution and come in to see our Ankeny, IA team just… Read more »

The Other Stuff That’s Happening To Your Mouth

There are those run of the mill things that may happen to your mouth that seem like regular old problems. You have a toothache. You chip a tooth. You’re accustomed to these issue being a possible part of life, so when they occur, you know that you should call us. However, then there are those… Read more »

3 Things Our New Patients Don’t Have To Worry About

When you’re a new patient of a dental practice, such as the very friendly place our Ankeny, IA team calls our own, you have questions. You also have concerns. What you’re hoping for, if you’re going to let yourself hope for the absolute best, is to discover that you’ve become a new dental patient of… Read more »