Month: January 2016

Your Questions About Teeth Whitening

Have you been expending an awful lot of thought lately on the appearance of your smile? Are you feeling under enthused about your grin because of discoloration? If so, yellowing, darkening, and a general not-quite-bright-enough appearance are all esthetic issues we can treat with teeth whitening. To begin your journey into the world of whitening,… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry: Where To Begin?

Do you enjoy learning about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry and the diverse array of treatments that can assist you in achieving an exceptional grin? Have you been thinking about contacting us about improving the beauty of your smile but you are honestly not sure how to begin? If this is your initial step toward a… Read more »

I Should Brush My…

Do you know what you’re doing when you’re brushing your teeth? You are removing plaque and debris from your mouth, so your teeth and gums and entire oral cavity remain in good health. What you may not know, however, is exactly which surfaces of your smile or surrounding tissue you should brush during this portion… Read more »

3 Ways To Protect Children’s Smiles

Are you finding that you feel more and more concerned about the state of your child’s oral health? Does this have something to do with the fact that though you feel you’re doing your best, you worry there’s more you could be doing to promote a healthy smile? Never fear, we are here to help… Read more »