Month: April 2016

OTC Teeth Whitening Quiz

Do you find yourself torn when it comes to making a choice for your smile? You likely feel an instinctual pull toward professional dental services when it comes to seeking out teeth whitening. However, the allure of over-the-counter (OTC) whitening may result in some significant confusion. Which to choose? Find out more about making a… Read more »

Quiz: Choosing Dental Hygiene Products

Do you feel curious about choosing your dental hygiene products and whether you’re making good decisions? Perhaps you also wonder if, as long as you select something from the hygiene aisle at your local drugstore, any decision is a good decision. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to make choices for the products you… Read more »

Not A Whitening Candidate? No Problem!

It can be extremely upsetting to learn that you are not a teeth whitening candidate when you have your heart set on a whiter grin. Fortunately, you can bounce back from this realization quite quickly when you discover that you have alternative options for addressing discoloration. To clarify what it takes to qualify for traditional… Read more »

Quiz: Are You Handling Your Bruxism Correctly?

Have you found that you are grinding your teeth as a habit? Maybe you are a chronic clencher. Whatever the case, you will discover from a visit with us that we refer to this disorder as bruxism. You will also find out that we offer bruxism treatment, so you can experience relief from symptoms like… Read more »