Month: April 2017

Q&A: Dental Hygiene And The ADA Seal

When we tell you that it’s a good idea to check for the ADA Seal of Acceptance as you look for dental hygiene products, you might think to yourself, “Good! That will help make my shopping experience a bit easier.” However, if you’re not really sure what to make of this seal, you may have… Read more »

Q&A: Gagging At The Dentist

If you are someone who struggles with a gag reflex that won’t let you enjoy a relaxing dental checkup or any other type of dental care, we understand that you may be feeling quite stressed. Particularly if you want to come in for care but your gagging makes it nearly unbearable, it may be time… Read more »

Diabetes: Why Your Dental Hygiene Matters

If you are someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes, you may have a lot on your mind when it comes to treating yourself. You may be thinking about your eating, your lifestyle in general, and considering treatments provided by your doctor. What you may overlook, though, is the fact that it’s important to think… Read more »

Bocce Ball!

The warm, beautiful days of spring are here and so is Bocce Ball! So, put on your outdoor gear (slather on that sunscreen) and come out with friends and family to compete in this fun sport that individuals of all ages will love.

Energy Drinks: Are They Smile Safe?

Are you quite a fan of energy drinks? Are you someone who makes it through the day (or stays up late at night) thanks to these beverages? In whatever form and frequency you choose to indulge, it’s important to recognize that in plain and simple terms, they are not good for your oral health. Not… Read more »

Q&A: Water And Your Smile!

Do you have some idea that drinking water is good for you and your oral health but you’re not completely sure why? Are you certain about whether water in all scenarios is good for your smile or not? To assist you in learning more about your intake of H20, how to make beneficial choices, and… Read more »

3 Tips: Facial Protection

Didn’t ever give much thought to protecting your face? When you’re in contact with our dental team, this is something you will hear about quite a lot! Particularly during the month of April, which (among other things) is National Facial Protection Month. If you haven’t considered the possible injuries that can happen as the result… Read more »

Spring Pooch Pawty

Do you feel a little bit bad when you head out for a party and you have to leave your precious pup behind? Lucky for you, this upcoming Spring Pooch Pawty is a dream come true! Bring your dog along with you to this event that’s just for poochies and you.

What Happens If I Avoid Dental Hygiene?

It’s one thing to ask about how to improve your dental hygiene. It’s an entirely different thing to decide to just give it up for a while. While we understand that you can face moments when you feel tired of brushing and flossing (for which we encourage you to speak with us for some helpful… Read more »

Dental Hygiene And Travel

There’s something about going out of town that can truly throw your usual habits into a tailspin. Unfortunately, when it comes to keeping your oral health safe, this is not the type of thing you want to happen (especially when you’re doing your best to enjoy yourself and relax). To ensure you can get away… Read more »