Month: April 2018

Is Your Oral Care Routine Doing Enough For Your Gum Health?

You may feel confident in your oral care habits if you have avoided cavities for an extended period of time. Protecting yourself against tooth decay is certainly important, but you should remember that effective preventive smile care is about more than just your teeth. Effective dental cleanings should protect you against gum disease, just as… Read more »

Can I Go Years Without Needing Restorative Care?

If you’re someone who tends to need a restoration here and there, you may wonder if there’s something you could be doing to simply not need restorative care at all. It would be nice, of course, to come in for cleanings and checkups and to be told that your smile is in excellent health. As… Read more »

Reasons To Ask Us About Veneers

There are a lot of reasons to ask us about porcelain veneers. However, though you may be somewhat interested in the idea of them, you may not be able to bring yourself to mention them. Maybe you feel that you should know that you would definitely like to have them placed before you mention them…. Read more »

Event: Yoda Best Mom In The Galaxy

Quick, before registration is over, sign yourself and your son up for the Yoda Best Mom In The Galaxy mother/son dance! It’s a fun way to spend some special one-on-one time with your little boy, while hanging out with other moms and sons from the community (as you enjoy some extra fun entertainment, of course).

Brushing: Things Lots Of Adults Don’t Know

As an adult, you may feel like you’ve been brushing your teeth for enough years that you should probably know every last thing there is to know about dental hygiene. As a result, you may also feel a little shy about asking us questions if there’s something you don’t know or are unsure about. Of… Read more »

Let’s Talk Texture And Contouring

You might know that dental contouring is a cosmetic procedure that’s going to make your smile oh so much prettier through the gentle removal of some enamel tissue. However, you might not have a whole lot of experience with the benefits. Today, let’s talk about the particular advantage that contouring offers you in the way… Read more »

Learn a Few Things About Tooth Bonding

Smile improvement has advanced a lot over the years. In addition to providing highly lifelike solutions for improving your smile’s appearance, cosmetic dentistry also focuses on helping you preserve and improve the health of your natural tooth structure. For instance, cosmetic tooth bonding can help you address several different kinds of blemishes without any alterations… Read more »

Tips For Those With Tori!

Are you someone whose smile includes those tissue-covered bony growths that are known as tori? If so, you may occasionally find yourself with questions about what to do about these. Not sure what we’re talking about? If you run your tongue along the lingual surface just beneath your tongue (where your roots are located), do… Read more »

Yoga In The Park 2018

Are you quite the experienced yogi? Maybe you’ve never really tried yoga but you’re very interested and have been hoping to find a way to get involved. Good news: You can join the community with Yoga In The Park, which will be starting up on Saturdays in May.

Budgeting For Teeth Whitening: Dos and Don’ts

When you’re excited about teeth whitening but you aren’t sure about fitting it into your budget, there are some things that you absolutely should do. Then, there are things we would suggest against. So, how to make sure you’re headed toward beautiful results that you can afford without taking missteps along the way? Try some… Read more »