Month: October 2021

Make Effective Use Of Your Dental Benefits!

As we approach the final months of the year, your opportunity to use your current dental benefits are coming to a close. Unless your dentist has given you instructions to do otherwise, you should make appointments for routine services twice a year. At these appointments, your Ankeny, IA dentist can provide important support to help… Read more »

Arranging Dental Services For Your Family

Everyone in your family should enjoy access to reliable oral health care services. While you may be aware of this, you may be less sure of how you can find the right support for everyone at just one practice. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is able to provide oral health services for people of all… Read more »

When You Need Protection Against Teeth Grinding

If you have problems with teeth grinding while you sleep, the regular wear and tear can create serious problems with your oral health and smile. How worried should you be if you think this issue, known as bruxism, is affecting you? In time, the damage to your teeth can do harm that negatively affects your… Read more »

We Offer Crowns That Imitate Dental Enamel

When you have dental problems that call for restorative dental work, your care will need to confront the fact that your enamel will have permanent harm. Problems with tooth decay and physical trauma can leave you with issues that have to be resolved with the placement of a restoration. In situations where dental fillings do… Read more »

Can An In-Office Treatment Address Gingivitis?

Is there something that your dentist can do to help you stop problems with gingivitis from progressing? At a regular dental exam, your Ankeny, IA dentist can recommend that you undergo a deep periodontal cleaning. This treatment will target the bacteria that are present below your gum line. Through the removal of harmful microbes, your… Read more »

Results You Can See From Bonding Treatment

Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is happy to meet with patients and help them keep their smile in good health. You should know that we are also here to support you if you are interested in care that focuses on cosmetic improvements. We offer different services that address problems with discoloration, dental damage, problems with… Read more »

3 Actions That Prevent Tartar Buildup

How worried should you be about tartar buildup? This substance, by itself, will not make restorative dental work necessary, but it does require a trip to the dentist’s office to take care of it. Part of what makes tartar accumulation frustrating is that it can resist your efforts at brushing and flossing. Until it is… Read more »

Arranging A Conservative Smile Treatment

There are different services that we provide to help patients who want to make changes to their smile. As you look into these services, you can find that there are options that can minimize both the changes to your tooth structure and your time in the dentist’s chair! You can meet with your Ankeny, IA… Read more »

Don’t Let Halloween Play Tricks On Your Smile!

The allure of Halloween is hard to resist. After all, the holiday is an open invitation to dress up, enjoy your favorite scary movies, and take part in fun family activities with the kids. One of those activities, trick-or-treating, can bring an abundance of treats to your home, something that can make everyone more vulnerable… Read more »

Uneven Or Awkward Smile? Veneers Can Help!

If your teeth are worn, unhealthy, or poorly spaced, they can take on an uneven look that makes you wish you could keep your smile hidden from view. Rather than lose out on a confident and attractive appearance, you can talk with your Ankeny, IA dentist about the advantages to treatment with porcelain veneers! Through… Read more »