Month: May 2011

Keep Your Smile Beautiful with Composite Dental Fillings

Of all the restorative and cosmetic dental procedures available, many patients are most familiar with dental fillings. Over the years, the composition of dental fillings has changed quite a bit. If you had cavities when you were a child, it’s likely they were filled with dark amalgam fillings, which were initially developed from a combination… Read more »

Take Care of Your Teeth and Slow Down the Aging Process, Part 1

Our teeth are incredibly strong. They constantly endure extreme temperature and pressure from the chewing, crunching, and biting we do. Still, everyday wear and tear and the natural aging process take a toll on our teeth. Follow this advice to prevent your age from showing in your smile. Preventing Acid Erosion The biggest threat to… Read more »

Giving Ankeny and Polk City Smiles for Life

Dental Impressions in Ankeny, Iowa, is all about creating smiles for families from Polk City, Bondurant, Elkhart, Alleman, and the surrounding communities. Being a family dentist is a very specific-and rewarding-job. I have the opportunity to treat entire families in my office at one time, making it a convenient option for dental health for families… Read more »

7 Steps for a Better Smile

Quality oral health goes a long way. Having a healthy mouth is an intricate part of having a healthy body. Considering how important oral health is, it seems like it would be hard to achieve and maintain, but think again. Follow these 7 simple steps, and you’ll be on your way to stellar dental health… Read more »