Month: August 2012

Polk City Dentist Explains Cavity Prevention

Contrary to popular belief, sugar does not cause cavities. Oral bacteria that feed on food particles in your mouth do. Your mouth is teeming with bacteria, most of which are harmless. Some bacteria in your mouth secret acid that erodes the enamel of your teeth, however, putting you at risk of developing tooth decay. Enamel… Read more »

Polk City Dentist Offers Natural Looking Dental Crowns

What’s a crown? A dental crown may be referred to as a cap, because it literally caps a tooth that has been compromised by decay or fracture. Traditionally, crowns are made with precious metal, but metal stands out against a naturally white smile. With modern cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Amanda Foust places all-ceramic or all-porcelain dental… Read more »

Children’s Dentistry Quiz from Your Ankeny Dentist

If you are a frequent reader of our dental blogs, you may already know a plethora of dental hygiene information for small smiles. At our Ankeny dental office, we take children’s dentistry and preventive family dentistry as a heavy responsibility. See how much you have learned about your child’s dental health by taking this quiz… Read more »

Ankeny Dentist Warns of the Dangers of Energy Drinks

While there has been plenty of news coverage on the way that energy and sports drinks affect your teen’s overall health due to the high levels of sugar and caffeine they contain, little has been said regarding the impact of these beverages on the condition of your teen’s teeth. A recent study has revealed that… Read more »