Month: November 2014

The Purpose of Porcelain Veneers

Many patients face dental issues that range from crooked teeth to a misaligned bite to unusually large gaps between their teeth. These problems can be cosmetic in nature, or may require treatment to make sure that they do not affect your oral health. There are various solutions for these issues, depending on your own personalized… Read more »

Had Your Fill of Fillings? Try Composite

Whether you’re a first time receiver of a filling or if you have had a few run-ins with this restorative treatment during your life, you may feel fed up. From dramatic stories from friends to the idea of a darkened tooth, the idea of a filled cavity may not sound too wonderful. Fortunately, your dentist… Read more »

What to Do About Teeth Stains

At some point, you may be faced with the potentially embarrassing problem of teeth stains that won’t go away when you brush them. When it happens, the issue may be simply cosmetic and affect only the surfaces of your teeth, or the staining may develop from within one or more teeth, threatening their healthy structures…. Read more »

Is Your Bad Breath a Constant Nuisance?

It isn’t always easy to remember when your breath first went bad, but once you’re conscious of it, your first inclination will likely be to cure it. Unfortunately, when bad breath (halitosis) is a consistent nuisance to your dental health, curing it isn’t always simple. The first step to treating halitosis is to evaluate your… Read more »