Month: June 2015

Build Your Knowledge: Dental Implant Basics

Dentists, periodontists and oral surgeons spend a lot of time studying dental implants, but it isn’t a subject that comes up in most people’s conversations. A dental implant is a restorative treatment that replaces a missing tooth. Armed with some basics facts and important vocabulary words, you will have the inside track when it comes… Read more »

Have Your Teeth Lost Their Sparkle?

Smile brightness doesn’t turn off like a light bulb, but it can fade slowly until one day you look in the mirror and notice the shine in your smile is not what it used to be. This may be caused by the slow build up of stains from foods or beverages, or you may just… Read more »

Is Your Breath Causing You Concern?

It is easy to accept that your breath is not at its best after three cups of coffee or when you’ve just eaten a loaded cheeseburger. If you notice bad breath throughout the day, or several days in row, it may be time to look a little further. Some bad breath causes can be addressed and… Read more »

Do You Recognize The Signs of Gum Disease?

Good daily dental habits not only keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh. These habits are vital to the good health of your gums as well.  Our trained professionals are glad to share their knowledge with you, and everything you do to keep your gums healthy makes your smile that much brighter, and our… Read more »