Month: August 2016

Is A Dental Bridge A Denture?

The quick answer is: No, a dental bridge is not a denture. However, if you are new to the world of prosthetics, you might not have the knowledge you need to differentiate between different tooth loss treatments. The good news is that with just a few new helpful facts, you will find yourself quickly understanding… Read more »

Quick Questions And Answers: Your Toothbrush

Do you know how to choose the best toothbrush for your dental hygiene? Or, do you feel like this is more of something you complete as a “luck of the draw” shopping experience? While it might seem like all brushes provide you with the same benefits, this is not the case. Some are just right, while… Read more »

Quiz: Choosing Your Dental Floss

The moment you hear the term “dental floss,” you may feel the urge to run for the hills. Information about technique, avoiding inflamed gums, and details revolving around plaque commonly follow. Fortunately, this is not that kind of flossing discussion! Instead, we would like to help you out when it comes to feeling exceptional about… Read more »

3 Ways Oral Health Damage Leads To More Damage

One of the main problems we encounter with patients dealing with oral health problems follows: They assume the issue is going to remain isolated and that it will not become any worse. Unfortunately, damage generally leads to more damage when it comes to problems with the health of your smile. As a result, we consistently… Read more »

Discoloration Quiz: True Or False?

When you’re looking at a picture of yourself, feeling surprisingly disappointed by the color of your teeth, it may be time to come in to talk with us about cosmetic care. However, before you make that step, you may still have some questions about why these stains are showing up on your teeth, whether it’s… Read more »