Month: November 2017

Meet Our Team Member: Stephanie!

Who is that person that’s helping you feel comfortable, assisting our dentist, cleaning teeth, and performing just about every other important task under the sun? If you haven’t met her yet, she is our dental assistant: Meet Stephanie! She is a new member of our team but she is already very much an integral part… Read more »

3 Exciting Things About Veneers

Sort of thinking that you might be interested in improving your smile with porcelain veneers? Wishing you knew more about their highlights and how they can help you, so you could gather up the drive to talk them over with our friendly team? A few exciting things you might not know yet should help.

Holiday Family Time: 3 Things To Do For Your Grin!

The kids are out of school this holiday season, you might be home from work, and you’ll be spending some quality time together! While we certainly hope you kick back, relax, eat some delicious food, and have an all around wonderful time, we also have some suggestions: Use this time together to solidify some effective… Read more »

Humidifiers And Your Winter Oral Health

You’ve got your oral health to worry about all year round. So, now that winter is about to be in full swing, you may wonder if there is something in particular about this time of the year that is different. The truth is, winter is very different. The cold temperatures, cold and flu season, and… Read more »

Historical Society Cookie Sale

Sure, we’ve reminded you plenty of times to snack wisely, and brush after eating. Sometimes life requires sweet treats, however, and the Ankeny Historical Society holiday cookie sale is one of those times. The Ankeny Area Historical Society gathers and maintains documents and artifacts from Ankeny and surrounding areas. The cookie sale fundraiser helps support… Read more »

2 Things To Put Away When You Have Visitors

Who’s coming over to your house this year? Relatives? Friends? Is anyone bringing their pet dog? Perhaps you have young nieces and nephews coming over. While the last thing you think about when you have visitors is your oral health care items, it might be wise to lock them up (or at least hide them… Read more »

Don’t Let Sleep Apnea Ruin Your Holiday

If there’s one thing that can truly ruin an otherwise enjoyable time during your holidays, it’s sleep apnea! Didn’t realize that going without sleep apnea treatment could prove so disastrous? Well, it’s quite true. Since we want you to have the best time you can, and since we know that you cannot always predict such… Read more »

Dental Hygiene: 3 Excuses That Don’t Work

Yes, it’s true. Any single excuse you can come up with that includes you not practicing your dental hygiene is one that isn’t good enough! If you don’t brush and floss, you simply aren’t getting the benefits that are necessary for excellent smile health. However, what we’re getting at here is that there are those… Read more »

Meet Our Team Member: Ashley!

You might immediately recognize Ashley if you’re already a patient of ours. Whether she has cleaned your teeth before or not, you recognize her face because she’s been working with us as one of our very friendly dental hygienists for several years! She’s a skilled and important part of our hard-working dental care team, compassionate… Read more »

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Is your kiddo off from school on the day before Thanksgiving? Perhaps your tiny tyke wants your attention but you’ve been doing about a million other things in preparation for Turkey Day, which means your son or daughter has some serious energy to use up! Take a quick break and head over to the Thanksgiving… Read more »