Month: March 2018

Wash Your Hands! It’s For Your Smile.

You might not think much about prepping for your brushing and flossing sessions. As long as you have what you need at your disposal (a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss), then you’re good to go, right? Well … almost. While you’ve got the dental hygiene products necessary to get the job done, you might want… Read more »

Cosmetic Changes: Can They Be Made?

You might really want to change something about your smile but you convince yourself that your concern is very unique and likely untreatable. If there’s anything we’d like you to remember about cosmetic care within dentistry, it’s that it is much more versatile than you might imagine. Even if you don’t find exactly what you’re… Read more »

Teens: Smile Care Suggestions

When your kids are little, you brush and floss their teeth for them until they are ready to do so independently. Then, you monitor their early attempts to make sure they’re actually getting the job done (and not swallowing any toothpaste). Next, you spend a handful of years yelling into the bathroom Hey! Did you… Read more »

Photo Editing Basics Event

Have you ever wondered how your friends do what they do to their photos to make them look so wonderful? Perhaps you know how to work with digital images to print them and frame them but editing them is another story. Well then! Look no further than the upcoming Photo Editing Basics event!

Bruxism: Finding Out If You’ve Got It (Or Not)

One of the trickiest and most confusing aspects of bruxism disorder that patients run across is the following detail: It can be quite difficult to figure out on your own whether this is something that is affecting your oral health or not. As a result, unless you are quite attuned to your body and recognize… Read more »

When You Think You Have Bleeding Gums

You may think that you have bleeding gums. However, that doesn’t mean you’re sure that this tissue is bleeding (nor are you certain about what to do if you do gain some solid evidence). Fortunately, dealing with this sign of gum disease is something we’re quite familiar with. We can quickly help you feel you’re… Read more »

Perio Care: 2 Reasons You Can’t Do It Yourself

You may love the DIY world because it means you can be more self sufficient, you can often find more reasonably priced ways to accomplish tasks, and it often seems much more convenient. In many instances, this is absolutely true! However, when we’re talking about oral health related details like perio care, it’s generally not… Read more »

Vote For Ankeny’s Best 2018!

We are thrilled to let our patients know we have been nominated for best dentist as part of Ankeny’s Best 2018! As you know, you and every one of our lovely patients are what makes it possible for us to provide dental care to our community. We love seeing your faces, hearing your stories, and… Read more »

Advanced Social Security Planning

Has tax time gotten you thinking a lot more about your finances, which has led you down the rabbit hole of an associated topic: Social security? As you try to plan but you realize you need a lot more information, some reliable resources for facts might be nice! Good news: The upcoming Advanced Social Security… Read more »

Preventive Care: Can I Still Use It?

When you hear the term preventive care, you think to yourself that this means avoiding problems by protecting your oral health (and you are correct about that). As a result, this may cause some confusion. You know that it’s the type of care you keep up when you’re trying to keep issues from developing. So… Read more »