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Your Local Dentist Asks: What Could You Be Doing For Your Breath?

You may think that chewing minty gum and popping breath mints is going to fix your bad breath problem, which is completely understandable if yucky breath occasionally comes and goes for you. However, if what you’re dealing with is an issue that doesn’t go away with a quick swish of some mouthwash, your local dentist… Read more »

Teeth Cleaning Time: What Do You Need Right Now?

In general, everyone needs a routine teeth cleaning once every six months. That goes for you and your kids and your spouse, your uncle, your aunt, your great grandfather: You get the idea. However, if you’re not sure what you need today when you call our Ankeny, IA practice when it comes to this portion… Read more »

Teeth Cleaning: Who In Your Family Requires This Service?

One of the most common type of questions we receive within the world of preventive dental care is “who needs this?” Often this is a way both for a patient to find out if he or she requires it as well as to determine whether this is a uniquely suggested treatment or something that everyone… Read more »

Perio Care: 2 Reasons You Can’t Do It Yourself

You may love the DIY world because it means you can be more self sufficient, you can often find more reasonably priced ways to accomplish tasks, and it often seems much more convenient. In many instances, this is absolutely true! However, when we’re talking about oral health related details like perio care, it’s generally not… Read more »

Need A Deep Cleaning? Don’t Feel Guilty.

We know you’re not too excited about coming in for your deep cleaning to address periodontal problems. However, we encourage you to let go of any feelings you’re experiencing at the moment of frustration, guilt, or anything else in the realm of negativity. Instead, we suggest you start feeling relieved and optimistic about your upcoming… Read more »

The Importance Of Professional Cleanings

The most important thing you can do for your teeth is to prevent problems before they arise. The cornerstone of preventative care is oral hygiene at home. You should brush and floss your teeth twice daily to keep your mouth less habitable for harmful bacteria. The next important piece of the prevention puzzle is keeping… Read more »

Teeth Cleaning at 3 Levels

Clean teeth don’t just happen. In fact, when you don’t pay attention to keeping your teeth clean, trouble can follow. Skipping home brushing might lead to unpleasant “furry” feeling teeth and bad breath. Skipping preventive visits can lead to more time in the dental chair, when you do come in, as hardened tartar is scraped from tooth surfaces. In… Read more »

A Quick Perio Quiz

Are you familiar with the reasons you may need a deep cleaning for your smile? Do you find that though you have a general understanding, it seems the details tend to elude you? When you’re getting a bit mixed up with terms and you’re not really sure what to expect, it’s time to fill up… Read more »

Neglecting Gingivitis: A Slippery Slope

You may wonder why we are so serious about gum disease. Isn’t it just some inflammation, you wonder? Isn’t the big problem tooth decay and all that can come with it? As a matter of fact, protecting your gum health is just as important as protecting your teeth. Without your gums and the other tissues… Read more »

Is A Deep Cleaning Always Enough?

When you learn that you need a deep cleaning to address your gum disease, you may assume that it will fix everything. However, it’s important to recognize that depending on the severity of your periodontal concerns, this advanced cleaning may be all that you need or it may act as the starting point for more… Read more »