Month: January 2022

3 Reasons To Take Gingivitis Seriously

If you want to protect your smile, make sure that you take the threat of gum disease seriously. If you want to avoid problems with tooth loss, as well as potential complications that impact your overall well-being, you should look out for signs of gingivitis. An infection at this stage is reversible, so you can… Read more »

How A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth Is Restored

Once a tooth is chipped or cracked, it can be difficult to hide this flaw. This can leave you with an embarrassing issue that hurts the quality of your smile, and it can also create problems for your oral health. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we can recommend services that will help you resolve… Read more »

What Dental Cleanings Do For Your Oral Health

Are you really in need of helping keeping your smile clean? If you have a daily routine in place that sees you both brush and floss, what can your hygienist really do for your oral health? To make sure your smile is truly protected, it is important that you rely on both your own efforts… Read more »

Arranging Smile Care For Your Family

The oral health services that our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office provides can help everyone in your household maintain healthy and attractive teeth. We understand that arranging treatment for your entire family, while important, can be difficult. Having one location where you can bring everyone can make it easier to set up the visits that you… Read more »

Useful Information On Cavity Treatment

Once a cavity has formed, you will not be able to stop its growth without your dentist’s help. While your oral hygiene routine helps you prevent problems with decay, the matter needs to be addressed through in-office treatment to prevent further damage and other complications. Fortunately, your Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is ready to help… Read more »

Should You Arrange A Tooth Bonding Treatment?

When a problem with your smile captures your attention, you can lose confidence in the quality of your smile. Our teeth can grab the attention of others, making those flaws harder to hide. Fortunately, with the right procedure, they can be treated with conservative services that minimize changes to your tooth structure. Our Ankeny, IA… Read more »

How In-Office Care Fights Gum Disease

Are you currently taking steps to fight gum disease? When you brush and floss, it is important that you carefully clean the spaces where your teeth and gums meet. When you do this, you can clear away bacteria before microbes begin to move below the gum lines and build up on the roots of your… Read more »

Using Your Benefits For Consistent Dental Care

Your dental benefits help you access the kind of regular oral health support that will keep your smile in good condition. Routine dental checkups and cleanings help you avoid trouble with both gum disease and dental decay over time. They also alert you to any problems that might require additional services, including restorative dental work… Read more »

Dental Crowns And Restorative Smile Care

The right way to restore an unhealthy tooth will vary, simply because cavities do different degrees of damage based on when they are identified. The longer it takes you to seek treatment for active dental decay, the more likely you are to need support in the form of a dental crown. While this means you… Read more »

Can Your Filling Really Match Your Enamel?

Once a cavity develops, it will have to be treated with the appropriate restorative procedure to stop it from growing. Without the right care, decay will be a worsening problem that eventually leads to the onset of an infection, which can hurt as well as put you at risk for losing your tooth. Even when… Read more »