Month: August 2017

Broken Teeth: Things You Should Definitely Know

On one hand, you might feel like talking about broken teeth is like jinxing yourself and you certainly don’t want to end up with smile damage! On the other hand, you may have heard that avoiding this type of damage is actually something that you can accomplish most of the time. So, what to do… Read more »

3 Things That Just Might Happen When You Don’t Floss

When you stop flossing your teeth (or you simply never choose to do so), there are some things that just might happen. Since you know flossing is always an essential part of your daily dental hygiene, you won’t be surprised to learn that avoiding this task will mean not-so-fantastic things for your oral health. The… Read more »

Electric Toothbrush: The FAQs You Want Answered!

Ask just about anybody and they will tell you they think the idea of an electric toothbrush sounds pretty neat! Ask just about anybody if it’s a good idea to choose and use this type of brush, why it might be a good idea, and more, and you might end up on the receiving end… Read more »

Q&A: Answers To Embarrassing Gum Disease Questions

We know that some of the questions that come up for you regarding your smile might feel embarrassing. However, we strongly encourage you to let your emotions fall by the wayside in these moments and instead, to ask us whatever it is you need to know. This is particularly true of issues like gum disease… Read more »

Tooth Loss And Dental Hygiene

You may often consider the fact that dental hygiene can help you prevent tooth loss. However, do you ever think about the way tooth loss affects your hygiene? When you’re already dealing with missing teeth, keeping your smile clean can become a challenge. The open spaces are not simply a bit of an esthetic annoyance… Read more »

Dental Hygiene: 3 Times To Try Something New

Are you feeling “so over” your dental hygiene approach and want to try something new? Maybe there’s just one part of your care that you’re displeased with. So, why not try a new product, method, etc.? If you think that it’s important to keep everything exactly the same to see results, you are a bit… Read more »

Ankeny Cultural Festival  

Do you love learning about different cultures? Are you easily fascinated by historical documentaries that showcase the arts, foods, and more from people around the world? If so, you will likely have the time of your life (and learn even more) at the upcoming Ankeny Cultural Festival.

Dental Care: All In A School Day

When we see families for dental care, we know that parents have a tough time sending their kids off to school without dealing with a long list of concerns. In regard to protecting growing smiles, we are happy to do what we can to help ease your minds! Today, let’s talk about a few things… Read more »

Choosing Bonding: 3 Motivating Factors

Are you almost ready to schedule dental bonding for your smile but you have yet to go for it? This might happen with good reason! If you aren’t sure about how this cosmetic procedure might affect your smile, if it’s going to work out for you, etc., then giving that final green light can feel… Read more »

Canker Sores: 3 Things You Should Remember!

There are some things you should really know about canker sores if you are someone who gets them. Then again, if you’ve never gotten one, it will most certainly benefit you too just in case one of these not-so-enjoyable sores shows up! Fortunately, these are nothing to really worry about. You will find, as well,… Read more »