Month: January 2018

Dental Care Part 1: Ask Yourself What’s Wrong

How’s your dental care going? If you didn’t just answer, “Very well!” in your head, then we may need you to take a moment to review what’s going on lately. Ask yourself very clearly: What’s wrong? While you may certainly be having a successful time in general, it’s always wise to take stock of what’s… Read more »

Sugar: It’s Not Just In Desserts!

Under the impression that as long as you cut desserts out of your diet, your oral health will be excellent no matter what? It’s not quite this simple. It’s all about eating a healthy, balanced diet! Find out more regarding how to get started, so your teeth and gums remain protected.

Smile Care: The Problem With Sneaky Seeds

You might not think too much about seeds. Either they happen to be in your fruit, bread, or granola bar or they don’t. When they are present, you know that they’re full of nutrients and are generally considered healthy for you. While this is all well and good, what’s not so beneficial for your smile… Read more »

3 Reasons To Count Teeth With Your Kiddo

When is the last time you and your child counted the teeth in each other’s smiles? While you may know perfectly well how many teeth you have, don’t forget that the world is brand new to your son or daughter. Looking at each other’s teeth can be a lot of fun and surprisingly helpful for… Read more »

Details: Remember 3 Things About Tooth Chips

What to do when you have a tooth chip, you ask yourself? Should you try to accept it? Is it something to worry about, since you want to keep your oral health protected? Get all of the information you need by remembering a few tips from our team.

RAD: A Self-Defense Training Program For Women

Ladies, have you ever considered taking a self-defense class? Are you uncertain about how you would react or protect yourself if you ended up in a situation when protecting yourself become immediately essential? If so, look no further for yourself (and your daughters, too) than the upcoming RAD: A Self Defense Training Program For Women.

Oral Health Quiz: Why Be The Early Bird?

You have probably heard it before: The early bird catches the worm. This means, of course, that you will enjoy success in whatever it is that you’re doing if you do it ahead of time. While this is true in many areas of life, you may wonder if this applies (and how) when we’re talking… Read more »

Brushing And Your Perio Health

You hear an awful lot about prevention in general when it comes to protecting your perio health. You also hear a lot about why you must absolutely floss your teeth. However, that doesn’t mean you’ve got the spot-on details that you require regarding how brushing comes into play as you’re doing what you can to… Read more »

Smile Care: A Simple Daily Checklist

Your smile care doesn’t have to be an exhausting task. Instead, you can easily make your way through your dental hygiene and the other minor details it benefits you to remember. Whether you already feel like you’ve got most of the details lined up but you’re missing something or if you feel like your daily… Read more »

Cartooning Workshop Registration Deadline

Have you ever had a good idea for a cartoon or comic strip, sat down to draw out your vision, only to find that you don’t know the first thing about creating cartoon figures? Even if you’re already a master drawer, this happens to be a particular skill you might not yet have! Good news:… Read more »