Month: August 2018

When You Learn We Make Conservative Treatment Choices: 3 Reasons To Smile

One of the things you will learn about our Ankeny, IA practice as you discover more about us is the fact that we make conservative treatment choices for our patients. What are we saying, really, when we make this statement, you wonder? Here’s a quick translation: We suggest only what you absolutely need and what… Read more »

Simple Ways To Get On Track With Family Dentistry

There are some very simple ways to get back into the swing of things with family dentistry if you feel like you’ve fallen off track a bit. Or, if you’re just barely keeping it all together, we can offer a little streamlining help. Whatever it is that’s causing you to lose your way with protecting… Read more »

Elephant & Piggie Book Club

If you’re already very familiar with Elephant & Piggie, then you know just why heading to the library for Elephant & Piggie Book Club will put a huge smile on your child’s face! If you’re not familiar just yet, head to the library or your nearest book store and check out these wonderful books for… Read more »

Wine: A Potentially Shocking Q&A Session!

You know that wine isn’t necessarily good for your smile and your oral health. However, you’re not entirely sure what makes it dangerous. Of course, you have seen that exceptionally purplish tinge that red wine gives your teeth when you’ve enjoyed a glass but beyond that, you’re not certain about whether it’s really a significant… Read more »

2 Reasons To See Your Local Dentist!

There happen to be some reasons to come in to see your local dentist in Ankeny, IA as soon as you can. We know, of course, that you may have other ideas at the moment. You may think you can take care of certain things on your own. You may figure that you can just… Read more »

Tips From Our Family Dental Team: When Your Smile Hurts

There are a variety of issues that can cause your smile to feel uncomfortable. Perhaps you’re experiencing a canker sore. Maybe your tooth is uncomfortable due to decay. You might have a small cut in your mouth or your gums may be swollen and irritated. Whatever it is, we know that when you’re in the… Read more »

New Patients: How To Succeed With Your Smile!

Yay! You have found our Ankeny, IA team, you feel excited at the prospect of becoming a new patient with our friendly, gentle practice, and the thought of a healthy smile puts you in a wonderful mood. So, the only problem is, you don’t really know where to begin or how to ensure you truly… Read more »

Crafty Reader Story Time

Do you love activities for your children that are multi-faceted? Is there something about story times that are more interactive that seem to put your child in a particularly good mood? If so, you may wish to begin attending Crafty Reader Story Time. Don’t miss it!

Gingivitis: Things You Need To Stop Believing!

There are some things you might convince yourself of in regard to gum health. There may also be some things that you simply believe about gingivitis that you’ve never questioned. Our Ankeny, IA team would like to remind you that if you think you might carry around knowledge regarding your gums but you aren’t sure… Read more »

Whitening Your Smile: 2 Fads To Skip, 1 Choice To Select

When you’re ready for a whiter smile, there’s one thing that can become your greatest enemy: You decide you want it right now and as a result, you turn to some of the “tricks” and DIY (do it yourself) options you’ve seen online for the brilliant grin you cannot stop thinking about. Unfortunately, when you… Read more »