Month: October 2020

Can Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry Really Help Your Smile?

If you feel that you are not close to your ideal smile, the idea of agreeing to “conservative” cosmetic dental work can be less than appealing. Will a relatively modest amount of work on your tooth structure really give you the kind of appearance changes you want? Patients with these concerns can discover that their… Read more »

How Teeth Cleanings Fit Into Your Oral Hygiene Efforts

What you do to protect your smile from cavities and gum disease is obviously important. Unless there is a reason for you to follow a different schedule, you should have routine dental checkups every six months. You are responsible for fighting oral bacteria and preventing the buildup of plaque and tartar between those appointments. With… Read more »

Smile With Confidence After Your Dental Bridge Is Placed

Losing a tooth can take away a person’s confidence in the way they look, particularly when they smile. You can worry that the gap between teeth caused by tooth loss is attracting everyone’s attention while also giving them an unfavorable impression of you. If you wish you could regain your smile, and also your confidence… Read more »

3 Reasons To Take Periodontal Health Seriously

You know that a cavity is a serious oral health problem, one that has to be addressed through restorative dental work. What some patients fail to recognize is that poor periodontal health can have consequences of its own, and that it can create long-term health complications when it is not dealt with properly. At our… Read more »

Tooth Bonding Services Can Offer More Than You Might Think

Because tooth bonding and contouring work only requires minimal changes to your tooth structure, you may worry that the improvements you see will be limited. Is this conservative procedure really going to give you a smile that you are eager to show off? At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we have helped many people see… Read more »

Are Your Kids Receiving The Right Kind Of Oral Health Care?

As long as you have teeth, you are vulnerable to the formation of cavities, which is why consistent dental care stays important. Although the need to stay safe from tooth decay is a constant, the type of support patients need can vary based on their age. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we are prepared… Read more »

You Can Put A Stop To Sleep Apnea With An Oral Appliance

Without treatment of any kind, a person suffering from sleep apnea can experience a range of frustrating problems. You can experience difficulties with fatigue, easy frustration, a lack of focus, and other problems that can are often experienced by those struggling with sleep deprivation. Fortunately, this is an issue that can be managed, allowing you… Read more »

Dental Implants Can Help With More Than You Might Realize

People who lose teeth can lose confidence in their dental function along with their smile. If you are missing several teeth, you can feel even less confident! As you start to explore the benefits of prosthetic dental work, you can discover that your dentist can give back more than just your complete smile. At our… Read more »

What You Lose Out On By Skipping Regular Dental Exams

If you keep up with good oral hygiene habits on a daily basis, is there any real advantage to seeing your dentist for a routine checkup? How much do you really need to worry if you do not feel any symptoms of poor oral health? This mindset can lead to patients going without services for… Read more »

3 Actions That Can Help You Avoid Gum Disease

What does effective periodontal care really do for you? By keeping yourself protected against gum disease, you can avoid developing an infection that increases your risk for tooth loss and threatens to cause complications for your general health. You can defend your gums through smart at-home care, and by staying consistent with your regular dental… Read more »