Are You At Risk for Gum Disease?

Well over ¾ of the adult population in the United States exhibits some degree of gum disease, or periodontal disease, making it one of the most widespread dental diseases today (next to tooth decay). Though it isn’t as common as cavities, gum disease remains the leading cause of adult tooth loss due to the extensive […]

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How Does Teeth-Whitening Work?

As one of the quickest and least invasive cosmetic dental procedures, teeth-whitening is a common choice for improving one’s smile by erasing highly-visible teeth stains. With a choice of application methods, our professional teeth-whitening treatments combine the convenience of over-the-counter products with the strength of professional dental care. […]

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Chocolate: Good or Bad?

It’s too good to be true; it’s high in fat and can cause cardiovascular problems; and it’s loaded in sugar and can easily cause teeth cavities. Chocolate lovers have long worried about such warnings, but closer looks at the cocoa product and its effects on your oral and overall health have put these worries to […]

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What if Replacement Teeth Had Roots?

You can’t always hide the fact that you’re missing one or more teeth, especially if they were at the front of your smile. Until they’re replaced, the gaps will remain, affecting your confidence as much as they affect your ability to bite, chew, and enunciate properly. Still, most conventional replacement teeth can only replace the […]

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