Month: February 2017

2 Times It’s Not Periodontal Disease

The more you become familiar with periodontal disease, the better you will be at recognizing symptoms and remembering that your dental checkups are a very important aspect of prevention. What you might not be so great at yet is recognizing that there are some problems that may lead to discomfort, irritation, and inflammation that are… Read more »

Neglecting Gingivitis: A Slippery Slope

You may wonder why we are so serious about gum disease. Isn’t it just some inflammation, you wonder? Isn’t the big problem tooth decay and all that can come with it? As a matter of fact, protecting your gum health is just as important as protecting your teeth. Without your gums and the other tissues… Read more »

What’s Missing In My Child’s Dental Hygiene?

If your kids are brushing and flossing every day, you likely feel that they are on track. However, you may start wondering if there are some additional details or subtle nuances you need to pick up on to make sure your child’s dental hygiene is impeccable instead of simply something that does an “okay” job…. Read more »

Want A Better Looking Smile?

If you ask most people out there how they feel about how their smiles look, they’ll be able to come up with at least one thing they’d like to improve. For many of our dental patients, a common question focuses on this topic. How to achieve a better looking smile? As you may have guessed, there’s… Read more »

Periodontal Details: What Does It All Mean?

When we inform you that you should schedule periodontal treatment with our practice, your reaction is likely going to be a multi-faceted one. Of course, patients immediately feel relieved that there’s a solution to the negative changes impacting their oral health. Then, however, they realize they have a surprisingly long list of questions. Isn’t there… Read more »

Ankeny Genealogy Chapter Event

Did you know that the name of our town comes from The Ankenys, a family who settled in Iowa and then had quite a significant impact in our history? This upcoming Ankeny Genealogy Chapter event will open your eyes to where our town came from through an author presentation! Head out to learn about how… Read more »

Is Dental Hygiene All I Need?

You might convince yourself that you only need dental hygiene to protect your smile. While it’s absolutely true that you do need to brush your teeth and to floss your smile to keep your oral health protected, this isn’t the only thing you need. You will need professional care, as well. You will also need… Read more »

Affording Family Dental Care

One of the biggest worries weighing on your mind when it comes to caring for your smile just might have something to do with money. This is often the case when you’re looking to secure exceptional family dental care but you keep running into obstacles. We are happy to inform you that we offer a variety… Read more »

Why Periodontal Disease Happens To You

Do you think you have all of the details straight when it comes to what might cause you to develop periodontal disease? Did you assume that it’s strictly the result of poor dental hygiene only to find that a friend who seems to care for her teeth just like you manages to maintain excellent oral health… Read more »

Sleep Apnea: Symptom Q&A

Have you heard that sleep apnea is a disorder that interrupts your sleep at night? If you’re just learning about this concern, you may wonder if you can identify certain common symptoms, less common symptoms, and if perhaps the disorder answers some questions you have had about yourself lately. While nothing replaces a visit with… Read more »