Month: September 2017

Kids And Fluorosis: Answering Your Questions!

When you have little ones, you hear all sorts of things about protecting their health, things that could go wrong, things you should be doing, and the list continues. If you have been talking about fluorosis and your child’s smile with a friend or relative, then you may suddenly find that you’re full of questions…. Read more »

DIY: Not A Good Plan For Whitening

When you’re feeling all ready to make movement toward a much whiter smile, your sense of urgency can become great! You’re ready for a brighter smile and you’d like for this change to happen as quickly as humanly possible. As a result, you may find yourself drawn to DIY teeth whitening options that you see… Read more »

Ankeny Community Theatre Workshop (3rd Through 5th)

Have your kids been mentioning they’d love to be in a play? Perhaps you have noticed that your child just happens to have a penchant for this creative art form. Whatever the case, keep in mind that there’s a chance for your 3rd through 5th grader to try out acting this October with the Ankeny… Read more »

Avoiding Dental Care: 3 Problems, 3 Sets Of Complications

When you’re dealing with oral health problems and you ignore the dental care that you need, you will find yourself facing complications as a result. While this is something that you can process and understand, it is sometimes a bit more compelling to consider specific examples of instances in which this may happen. Let’s review… Read more »

Smile Changes: 3 Things To Remember

When you experience a change with your smile, it can be a confusing moment. You may have trouble deciding whether you should act quickly and set up a dental visit with us or if you should just ignore it. Unfortunately, when you don’t give a serious problem the attention it needs, it can lead to… Read more »

Toothpaste: Things To Avoid

If you want to make the most of your dental hygiene, you should be using products that work in favor of promoting optimal oral health, not ones that can potentially lead your smile down a not-so-safe path. So, how should you know what to avoid when you’re picking up your next tube of paste? Instead… Read more »

Coding Workshop For Kids and Teens

Do you have young ones who are interested in learning how to code? Is this far beyond anything you know how to help them with? Perhaps you’re hoping they will learn and pass the details on to you! Whatever the case, this is an opportunity to join other community kids during the Coding Workshop For… Read more »

Restorative Care: Are You On Track?

Are you on track with your restorative care for your smile? Now that we have asked you this question, are you answering with an honest, “Yes, of course!” or are you trying to think of where you can run and hide? If you’re not really sure if you need restorations or if you’ve been avoiding… Read more »

Bruxism Disorder: What You Should Do

Are you experiencing new symptoms that you’ve never really dealt with before, such as sore teeth? Perhaps you’re experiencing a more severe version of what seemed like a very minor issue, such as uncomfortable jaw joints, pain in your face, uncomfortable chewing, or teeth that are looking increasingly worn. If the signs point to bruxism… Read more »

Dental Contouring: Take A Quick Quiz!

Dental contouring can be to your benefit if it’s the right treatment for your smile. Do you know much about what sets contouring apart from other cosmetic treatments? Do you know much about how it affects your teeth, whether it’s something you may rely on in addition to other treatments, etc.? If you’re still new… Read more »