Month: December 2017

Learn About Bison and Elk in January

Is your family ready for a brisk day outside, learning about bison and elk? The Junior Ranger Naturalist Program at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge  is a great way to introduce youngsters to these magnificent animals. The refuge is open for winter hours, and provides many opportunities to observe plants and wildlife throughout the… Read more »

Choosing A Dentist When You Are New in Town

Will 2018 find you living in a new neighborhood or a new city or state? When you are looking for a dentist, it’s easy to let the decision overwhelm you. Forming a relationship with a dentist you trust is important for the regularly scheduled things (like checkups and cleanings). It’s also important to know who… Read more »

Are You Hiding Your Smile? A Dental Visit Can Help!

This is the season for a lot of things, and photos with family and friends are high on the list. When you see the phones come out, and “say cheese!” is the expression of the day, is your first instinct to head in the other direction? There is no reason to let imperfections in your… Read more »

Need Perio Care? It Should Be Your #1 Resolution.

If you already know that you need attention for periodontal problems, then this should be your absolute number one priority for the New Year if it is not already. Think this sounds like a bit of an overstatement? It’s not! When you don’t treat this type of oral health concern, you’re playing with fire. Something… Read more »

Let’s Talk: Hard Candy

It’s holiday time, which means there’s a lot more hard candy floating around than usual. You see small hard candies wrapped in beautiful metallic paper. You receive candy canes left and right! It’s cozy, it’s delicious, but it leaves a bit to be desired when you’re trying to protect your dental health and the smiles… Read more »

Holiday Movie: The Polar Express

What are your favorite holiday movies? Is The Polar Express on your list? Are you getting just a little bit stir crazy with all of the wrapping (and having to wait for loved ones to open their gifts)? Do you think getting the little ones out for some holiday fun sounds nice? If so, then… Read more »

Give Yourself The Gift Of Good Breath!

Don’t have very good breath? Wish you could do something about your bad breath but you’re starting to think this is just going to be something you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life? If so, you don’t know very much about halitosis! The good news is that you can absolutely expect… Read more »

Gift Wrap 101: Protecting Your Oral Health

You might not have ever thought gift wrap could potentially lead to problems with your oral health. However, we can reassure you that we have seen this connection occur many more times than you might imagine possible! As a result, we’d like to help you avoid accidentally ending up with mouth-related injuries during the holidays,… Read more »

3 Ways Perio Problems Hurt You

When you hear about perio problems, you might think that this could never have anything to do with your smile. Then, if you experience puffy gums, discomfort, or you’re diagnosed with a gum-related issue, you may be shocked. “Surely this will go away on its own,” you may then assume. The truth is, this type… Read more »

Implants: A Nice Gift For 2018

One of the more challenging issues to face with your smile is tooth loss. Even when you choose prosthetics like bridges or dentures, you may find that you’re still not completely satisfied with your grin. You miss the stable smile you once had when it was full of natural teeth. Is there a solution you’re… Read more »