Month: May 2018

Bad Breath: Dental Care And Beyond

You know that the primary way to protect your mouth so that you never end up with bad breath is to protect it with dental care. However, you may also know that even in the midst of what you feel is excellent maintenance, you sometimes still end up with a smelly smile that seems to… Read more »

Teeth Cleaning: Who In Your Family Requires This Service?

One of the most common type of questions we receive within the world of preventive dental care is “who needs this?” Often this is a way both for a patient to find out if he or she requires it as well as to determine whether this is a uniquely suggested treatment or something that everyone… Read more »

Dental Treatments: 3 Things To Always Remember

When you start thinking about the types of dental treatments you might need, you may feel like your brain starts to spin. There are so many different types of services, you’re not sure if your smile needs anything or not, and the last thing you want to do is feel overwhelmed! Fortunately, there’s no need… Read more »

Family Dental Offices: What Makes Them Different?

You may think to yourself that visiting any type of dental practice will give you what you need. However, when you’ve got a family in tow, this is not the case! Instead, visiting family dental offices like ours is what you can rely on when you want care that suits what every single person in… Read more »

Need Replacement Teeth? Here’s What To Do.

There’s something about needing replacement teeth that can leave you feeling out of sorts. You know that it would be better for many reasons if you were to have a smile that included all of its teeth. However, you don’t know what type of replacement you should get. You aren’t sure what it requires or… Read more »

Ankeny Aquatic Centers Open

Just as the warmer weather has probably reminded you: It’s time to swim again! Welcome in the rising temperatures by getting ready to visit the pool as Ankeny Aquatic Centers Open!

Surprising Smile Changes Brought On By Pregnancy

Pregnancy can feel like a magical time, a confusing time, an overwhelming time … it’s unique to each person. What’s certain is that no matter what, it is most definitely a time that brings on a plethora of changes! While you may notice this shift in many areas of your life, you may not have… Read more »

How To: Feel Better About Smile Care

Are you not really sure how to feel better about your smile care but you wish you knew what to do? Do you think of yourself as a patient who feels not-so-great about your dental efforts because you’re way behind and you need help? Or, are you more focused on the fact that you just… Read more »

Pain: What To Think About It

How should you view dental pain, you may wonder to yourself? Should you think of it as something to wait for, which will act as your body’s announcement that you need dental care? Should you do your best to deal with it once it arrives, giving it time to go away? Should you call us… Read more »

Getting Married? Consider Some Helpful Tips.

What’s that? You say you’re getting married? Well, congratulations to you! Now, we have to ask: Is your smile ready for this major life moment? If you’re shrugging your shoulders because you hadn’t really considered it (and you’re not really sure how to answer the question), then we think you may certainly benefit from a… Read more »