Month: November 2018

Your Local Dentist Talks: Floss Facts

Yawn! Sigh. Isn’t there something else we can talk about, you ask, other than dental floss? You know you need to use it, sure, but what could you possibly have to learn that you don’t already know? Well, you might be surprised by some of the details our Ankeny, IA team has to offer. So,… Read more »

Holiday Crafts And Cocoa 2018

When it comes to the holidays, if there’s one thing there is absolutely no shortage of, it is coziness! When you look forward to all of the cozy details related to this special time of year and you enjoy nothing more than sharing it with your kiddos, you will probably love the upcoming Holiday Crafts… Read more »

2 Ways Holiday Time May Encourage Tooth Decay

Of course, there is no direct connection between the mere existence of the winter holidays and the potential for tooth decay. However, there are some things that tend to come with this time of year that may encourage the development of cavities! While this may cause you to think that this surely puts a damper… Read more »

Remind Yourself During These Moments: I Must Brush!

Sometimes, you don’t brush your teeth. Right? Well, if you happen to be someone who always brushes twice a day, then we offer you our applause and admiration! However, if you find that there are moments in which you just give in to whatever is going on that seems more important or pressing, then our… Read more »

Closed For Christmas: Care For Concerns Today!

We know that when you’re experiencing little issues (or even big issues) with your smile, you’d rather just hope and wait. You hope that they go away and you wait for it to happen. While it’s possible for issues like minor irritation or a canker sore to go away, issues that are going to eventually… Read more »

Thanksgiving And Your Dental Bridge: Tips!

This Thanksgiving, like always, is a time to enjoy an extraordinary spread of yummy foods and to feel grateful! What might put a serious damper on all of this love and joy, you wonder? Well, forgetting to keep your dental bridge safe and clean for starters! Our Ankeny, IA team simply wants to extend some… Read more »

Teen: Holiday Surprise 2018

There’s quite a lot going on right now! You may have lots of lists going for grocery shopping, dinner making, dessert reserving, and more. One thing on your mind may include the fact that you’d really love to keep your teens off of their “screens” and doing something else during part of the upcoming winter… Read more »

Reasons To Call Your Female Dentist Today

There are some reasons you know about that should inspire you to call your female dentist in Ankeny, IA. However, if you have not actually followed through on calling our practice in a while, we think you might need a bit of a refresh on those reasons. It’s easy to find ways to convince yourself… Read more »

3 Things You Might Want Nearby This Thanksgiving

When you’re dreaming about that Thanksgiving feast that’s nearly here, you may not be spending much time focusing on your oral health. Instead, you may spend a good portion of your energy fantasizing about the delicious food, what you’re going to enjoy first, and which dessert you’re hoping to finish it all off with. While… Read more »

4 Ways The Stuff You Eat Affects Your Oral Health

Do you ever think about the fact that the foods you eat and the beverages you drink happen to have quite a serious effect on your oral health? In some cases, the choices you may can have a greater impact over a longer amount of time. In other cases, just one snack can lead to… Read more »