Month: August 2019

Parent/Child Volleyball Basics (Registration Deadline) 

Calling all parents and kids who would really love to brush up on their volleyball skills. Okay, let’s try that again: Calling all parents and kids who would like to begin at the beginning, as you learn the introductory details that will help you play volleyball with the skills and knowledge you need! Remember, once… Read more »

When Your Smile Does (And Does Not) Require Fingers!

You have heard before to keep your hands out of your mouth, to keep your fingers away from your lips, and more. Why? Well, because you can end up transferring germs to your mouth and you can cause other problems for yourself. However, you might wonder: What are you supposed to do when you need… Read more »

3 Times You Know That It’s Checkup Time!

Does the idea of scheduling a dental checkup sound just fine to you? However, when the detail of “when” arises, you don’t have any answers as to what might motivate you to select a particular moment for setting up your dental exam? No problem! You, like many of our Ankeny, IA patients, have the best… Read more »

Stellar Smile Care: Things You Just Have To Admit To Yourself 

Of course, with practicing the best dental care you possibly can for yourself, there’s a bit of self-criticism that absolutely has to come into play. What you really want is to be able to keep up with the details and never have to question a single thing! However, if you truly want to feel certain… Read more »

Why Doesn’t My Child Want To Brush And Floss?

Your child used to have no problem brushing and flossing. You would announce that it’s time, everyone would head into the bathroom, and the dental hygiene would commence! However, something has changed. Your kiddo who was developing wonderful habits and a surprisingly nice level of dedication to brushing is suddenly shying away from it (or… Read more »

Central Iowa Airshow 2019

If you’ve always found something about airplanes and the act of flying to be mesmerizing, then the upcoming Central Iowa Airshow in our Ankeny, IA community is that nostalgic, time-honored event you will absolutely not want to miss! For newbies and those who have attended air shows in the past, this is an action-packed, fun-for-all… Read more »

Surprising Details You Never Knew: About Toothbrushes!

Are you under the impression that you know all you need to know about your toothbrush? If so, then you may be surprised to learn that we often discover our Ankeny, IA patients have in-depth knowledge about this dental hygiene product … but there is often a fact or two left to be uncovered. Rather… Read more »

Why Bruxism Doesn’t Have To Make You Feel Bad

Of course, if you find out that you are dealing with grinding and clenching, which we refer to as bruxism disorder, it’s only natural to feel a quick twinge of sadness. Nobody wants the function of their smile to be less than exceptional! With that said, however, our Ankeny, IA team reminds you that as… Read more »

Gingivitis And Your Future: Key Factors!

Your future is most certainly something that can include a very healthy smile, healthy gums, and it doesn’t have to include any damage, trauma, or upset as the result of gingivitis. With that said, you may be excited to hear that keeping your gums healthy is easy but you may also not really know how… Read more »

Dental Care: Are These Things The Same?

Sometimes, dental care can be confusing. Not because you’re not sure how to keep your teeth and gums clean or how to access professional care when you need it. Instead, you may find that you hear terminology that seems to be identical but you realize there are likely some subtle nuances that make them different!… Read more »