Month: May 2017

Warm Weather Reminders For Kids’ Oral Health

When the weather heats up, your children get very excited about the long, sunny days ahead! Their minds, of course, are full of the joyous promises of swimming, summery foods, parties, and more! While we hope you and your family have an amazing time together during the summer months, we also offer a word of… Read more »

7 Reasons Your Smile Is Discolored

What you might not have recognized until just a moment ago is that there are many pathways that will lead toward a smile for which you think it just might be time for cosmetic help. Then again, you may hope your dental hygiene can help you maintain a pearly white grin. To learn more about… Read more »

Quiz: Can I Use Alternative Flossing Methods?

We are commonly faced with patients who have questions about alternative options to common dental care treatments and approaches. First, keep in mind that we encourage you to keep those questions coming! They are the only way you will be able to differentiate between effective and safe care and the opposite. One of the more… Read more »

Toothpaste Quiz: Get Your Measurements Together!

It’s very easy to just plop some toothpaste onto your toothbrush during dental hygiene sessions and assume you’re doing a good job. After all, does it really make a difference if you use a little bit of toothpaste or a whole lot? As long as your teeth feel clean, it’s probably okay, right? Think again!… Read more »

Movies Under The Stars  

Good (no, great) news! Our summertime Movies Under the Stars series is just about to get started, so prepare for some serious community Friday fun! From relaxing on the lawn to indulging in your favorite movie-going snacks and gazing up at the stars, these are events you won’t want to miss!

A Few Things Saliva Does For You

Have you ever wondered why your mouth needs to be so moist, if saliva even has much of a true purpose, or if it’s something that just happens to be there? To help demystify this particular area of uncertainty, we are pleased to offer you a (possibly surprisingly) diverse list of the ways that this… Read more »

Smile Health: Things We Know (That You Don’t)

As you might have guessed, there are a lot of things we know about oral health that you don’t know. This is because we are dental professionals! As a result, it’s always best to come see us for your twice-a-year dental checkups and when you think you may be in need of some additional help…. Read more »

Q&A: Dental Hygiene For Sensitive Teeth

When you’re someone dealing with sensitive teeth, you may wonder if the problem has anything to do with your dental hygiene. Is your daily care contributing to the problem? If you were to change something, might you find that it greatly reduces your sensitivity? Since there’s a lot that goes into teeth that become sensitive,… Read more »

Toothpaste Types: A Quiz!

As you have probably noticed if you have ever set foot in the dental hygiene aisle, there are many, many varieties of toothpaste out there. The differences don’t stop at the brand or the flavor. They keep going, including everything from the texture and color of the paste you select to the special features they… Read more »

Ice Cream Social

Have you ever wondered about who is responsible for the fun events put on in our community? If so, now is your chance to chow down on some refreshing ice cream, while you put actual faces and names to the team behind the scenes! Come out for the Ice Cream Social … the whole family… Read more »