Month: June 2017

Sleep Apnea Facts for Everyone

If you know much about sleep apnea (and many of us don’t) you might think it affects only men, perhaps those who are somewhat older and maybe carry excess weight. While sleep apnea does affect this type of patient, that doesn’t mean women, young people and those in top physical shape are magically protected against… Read more »

Teeth Cleaning at 3 Levels

Clean teeth don’t just happen. In fact, when you don’t pay attention to keeping your teeth clean, trouble can follow. Skipping home brushing might lead to unpleasant “furry” feeling teeth and bad breath. Skipping preventive visits can lead to more time in the dental chair, when you do come in, as hardened tartar is scraped from tooth surfaces. In… Read more »

Heroes Unite At SummerFest

Starting July 6th and running until July 9th, come have fun and celebrate everyday local heroes at the Ankeny SummerFest. The three day event will be taking place outside near the Prairie Ridge Middle School, which is located at 1010 Prairie Ridge Dr. The theme for this year’s event is “Heroes Unite!” honoring and celebrating… Read more »

What To Do About a Lackluster Smile

Do you wonder what happened to the enthusiastic smile you remember from a few years ago? Maybe you are enjoying life to the same degree, but your smile doesn’t seem quite as bright. Did you sneak a few tweaks into recent photos before sharing them with your online friends? If you notice your your smile… Read more »

Kids Quiz: Toothbrush Smarts

Dental visits and dental smarts aren’t just for grown ups! Young teeth need the same preventive care as adult teeth in order to stay clean and reduce the likelihood of developing cavities. Dental offices that welcome children offer services especially for children’s smiles, such as specialized fluoride treatments, to strengthen tooth enamel. No matter what their age,… Read more »

Teeth Whitening Facts For You

You know that you want your smile to look a lot whiter but as for how to complete that journey, you might not feel like you’ve got it all figured out. We know that this can feel confusing at times because you’re bombarded with options (from the stuff you see online to the things you… Read more »

Dental Hygiene Q&A: Reminding You Of Its Importance

Whether you’re doing your best to get through brushing sessions that you’ve forgotten about until the last minute or you’re not loving the flavor of your floss (so you keep avoiding flossing), it’s easy to get a bit down and out about your dental hygiene. However, this part of your preventive care is something you… Read more »

Grout Museum Star Lab & Educational Trunks

Have you and your family been interested in the stars lately (yes, the ones in the sky, not the ones gracing your television screen)? If so, you may very well wish to take advantage of this chance to get a closer look through the help of modern convenience at the Grout Museum Star Lab &… Read more »

3 Things You Should Check Today

Do you have a checklist that you carry around with you, so you never forget a single detail about your oral health? We didn’t think so! While we don’t expect you (nor encourage you) to become completely obsessed with your smile, we do encourage you to check in with it every now and then (and… Read more »

Screens And Your Family’s Oral Health

What types of screens are we talking about? Well, if you spend any time staring at a computer, a cell phone, an iPad, or otherwise, then you know exactly the type we are talking about. Of course, if you can say that you do spend time on any of these devices, it’s important for you… Read more »