Month: July 2017

Dental Hygiene: All About Saving Money

We all know that at a glance, dental care can seem expensive. However, we encourage you to remember that it is most definitely affordable, so long as you have a solid handle regarding how to make smile care work for your budget. Today, we’d like to tackle the detail of dental hygiene and saving money…. Read more »

Family Dentistry: 3 Real Reasons You Don’t Schedule Care

You might find yourself procrastinating, coming up with rationalizations, and getting distracted. Basically, you seem to find any excuse to avoid scheduling dental care for your family. It’s not that you don’t want to protect the smiles of your loved ones (that includes your smile, too). In reality, it’s more than likely that there are… Read more »

Need A Deep Cleaning? Don’t Feel Guilty.

We know you’re not too excited about coming in for your deep cleaning to address periodontal problems. However, we encourage you to let go of any feelings you’re experiencing at the moment of frustration, guilt, or anything else in the realm of negativity. Instead, we suggest you start feeling relieved and optimistic about your upcoming… Read more »

Jazz In July: Betsy Hickok Quartet

Calling all jazz super-enthusiasts! If you’re never one to pass up an opportunity to enjoy live jazz (and if you know anything about the 30 plus years the Metro Arts Alliance has been performing its Jazz in July event), then it’s time to prepare! The Jazz In July: Betsy Hickok Quartet event is nearly here!

3 Ways Enamel Becomes Damaged

Did you know that your tooth enamel, though it is prized as the hardest substance in the human body, is something that can become damaged? Unfortunately, even though you might think you’re doing an exceptional job protecting this outer layer of each tooth in your smile, you may actually end up leaving enamel exposed to… Read more »

Dental Help: Save Yourself From The Worst Vacation

When it comes to your smile health and vacation, we encourage you to remember that you can have a wonderful time if you consider some important tidbits before you embark on your journey. Or, you can proceed with reckless abandon and risk having the worst vacation ever! How to achieve the former? We can help.

The Reasoning Behind Conservative Treatments

First, what does ‘conservative treatments’ mean? The term ‘conservative treatments‘ refers to treatments that are done in effort to conserve the integrity of the tooth. Conservation is key. Decisions are made and recommendations are made with the main objective of saving as much as the tooth with as little as disruption as possible. Dentistry focused… Read more »

Get A Brighter Smile For The Summer

With so much sunshine, everything is brighter! Your teeth should be no different. Whitening your teeth can get you that dazzling, bright smile you are looking for. Whitening your teeth is also the easiest and least invasive cosmetic form of dentistry that can also make a huge impact on your smile’s appearance. There are over-the-counter… Read more »

Free Movie Under The Stars

Summertime is a great time for families. You want to be outdoors, but the endless outings can get expensive. When the kids start getting restless and bored, you need to find some new entertainment. The City of Ankeny is hosting free outdoor movies this summer. The event is called Movies Under the Stars. There is… Read more »

Signs You Are Grinding Your Teeth

Teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) is the literal grinding of your teeth against each other. It most often occurs by forcefully gritting the upper and lower jaw against each other, but misalignment of the jaw can cause bruxism. In the short term, teeth grinding can cause headaches, soreness, or stiffness in the jaw. In… Read more »