Month: July 2018

Smile Care: Oh, It’s Back To School Time, All Right!

Your little ones might be doing everything they can to soak up the rest of these very last moments of summer break! You, on the other hand, may be all too aware of the fact that it’s coming up quick, there’s much to do, a lot to prioritize, and if you’ve sort of forgotten all… Read more »

Thorough, Gentle Dental Care For Everyone

One of the most stressful aspects of looking for dental care can be doing your best to find someone you know is going to be gentle. Next, of course, is finding a place like our Ankeny, IA practice that offers all of the services you might need for your smile (and for everyone else in… Read more »

Do You Really Need A Dental Care Provider?

Have you ever started wondering about your smile? Do you ever have moments during which you secretly think to yourself that you bet as long as you brush and floss and you’re really good about being thorough and consistent, you probably don’t even need checkups, cleanings, or anything else? We understand and we completely follow… Read more »

Outdoor Story Time August 2018

As we head into August and enjoy the beautiful weather, are you looking for some nice outdoor activities to spend with your little ones? If so, don’t forget about the Outdoor Story Time happening at our community library. It’s a lovely way to enjoy the morning breeze.

Ways Replacement Teeth Change Your Day

Are you looking for some way to make your life easier since experiencing tooth loss? However, do you keep convincing yourself that you’ll just get used to the changes that come with missing teeth? Maybe you’ve been ignoring the concern for some time now and you figure you’ll be fine for a while longer. To… Read more »

Affordable Dental Care For Tiny Issues

What’s the problem that makes you grimace when you look in the mirror and smile? What is it that keeps you from feeling exceptional as you walk out the door? Is it a little tiny issue with your smile that’s got nothing to do with how well you care for it but everything to do… Read more »

Family Dental Tips: Leaving On A Jet Plane

When you’re headed out on vacation and your first stop is the airport because you’re hopping on a plane, there are some things to consider as far as your dental care is concerned. From your habits on the airplane to what you choose to pack and more, considering some of our helpful family dental tips… Read more »

Give Your Mouth A Break!

Sometimes, even though you’re fairly certain you’re taking exceptional care of your smile, you notice that things aren’t going exceptionally well. Why isn’t your hygiene and your attention to seeing us for professional oral health care quite enough, you ask? Well, there are possibly some things you’re doing throughout the day that don’t bode well… Read more »

Event: Hula Hoop Party

Do you remember the very first attempts you made at hula hooping? Perhaps you were a natural! Or, maybe you found yourself struggling as the hoop slowly fell to the ground over and over. Whatever the case, the upcoming Hula Hoop Party is fun for enthusiasts of all levels! Learn how to do it, show… Read more »

Affordable Dental Care At Home

You might think that what you’ve been paying to keep up with your smile in the comfort of your own bathroom is sort of static. It’s been around the same amount of money for a long time, so there’s probably nothing you can do to make it friendlier on the budget, right? Well, not exactly!… Read more »