Month: December 2018

3 Signs that It’s Time for Perio Treatment

While preventive dental care like routine checkups and cleanings should always be scheduled regularly, others are designed to address specific problems as they arise, and before they can grow more severe. For example, when patients at our Ankeny, IA, dental office exhibit signs of gingivitis, or early gum disease, we often recommend custom perio treatment… Read more »

Tooth Bonding: A Good Fix For…

When you visit your Ankeny, IA dentist, you may hear a reference to “restorative” and “cosmetic” procedures. A restorative procedure fixes something, for instance, a filling can restore a tooth to health, if it is suffering from a cavity. The most common cosmetic dental procedure is teeth-whitening, which brightens a smile that is otherwise healthy…. Read more »

Holiday Tree Pickup: Be Ready January 7!

The glorious, lovely, breathtaking and sometimes exhausting holiday season is drawing to a close. As visitors return home, and work and home schedules resume their regular patterns, life begins to settle back to normal.  As you clean and straighten, returning rooms to their non-holiday settings, you may wonder “What should I do with my Christmas… Read more »

2 Smile Busters To Watch For

Quick! When you think of a beautiful smile, what do you think about? You might have thought about white teeth, or a smile that looks comfortable and natural. We can help with teeth-whitening in Ankeny Iowa, or with cosmetic procedures that enhance the natural beauty of a smile. But let’s talk for a minute about… Read more »

3 Things To Continue Doing Well In 2019

There’s something about doing an amazing job with your oral health and then heading into a fresh new year that can, oddly enough, cause you to lose steam rather than continue on with that momentum you’ve been enjoying. You might think that since you’ve been doing such a wonderful job, you have the luxury of… Read more »

3 Helpful Holiday Reminders For A Happy Smile!

Do you like imagining yourself in 2019, after the holidays are through and you’re back to your daily routine, with a big, happy smile on your face? Would you prefer for that smile of yours to be healthy, too? Our Ankeny, IA team is assuming the answer to these questions is “yes.” If so, then… Read more »

Babies & Books: December 2018

Have you ever been to Babies & Books at the library? Have you been feeling like though you’ve been giving every area of your life all of the attention you possibly can, this busy time of year leaves you feeling just a little bit scattered and somewhat disconnected from your little ones? If so, enjoy… Read more »

Let Yourself Dream About: Your Beautiful 2019 Smile!

Our Ankeny, IA team suggests that you let yourself dream of beautiful things this holiday season. Do we mean visions of sugarplums? Well, those of course! However, we also encourage you to go ahead and let your imagination run wild with images of what your smile could look like if you were to come in… Read more »

For The Love Of Eggnog! Drink Less Of It!

Yum! Your local dentist understands why you might absolutely love this time of year if you have a deep and unshakeable passion for eggnog. As you may have noticed, our Ankeny, IA team encourages you to drink a little less of it, if you can manage that! Or, of course, just become as mindful as… Read more »

Gone For The Holidays: Closing Next Friday!

Yes, we have given you lots of reminders about coming in as soon as you possibly can to deal with your oral health needs because will not be here over the holidays! However, if you are like most of the people we know, then even though you realize it’s getting close to Christmas, you may… Read more »