Month: May 2019

Photo, Slide, And Document Scanning Class!

Summer is here, which means that the project you’ve been saying you’ll do over summer, the one you’ve been putting off all year long … it’s time to get started. You know the project. It’s that mountain of photos, slides, and documents, ever growing and always taking up space that you want to tackle but… Read more »

3 Factors That Cause Oral Acid Levels To Go Crazy!

You may assume that as long as you’re doing your best to steer clear of highly acidic things like orange juice that you’re not going to end up with a high level of acid in your mouth, which bodes quite well for your oral health! However, our Ankeny, IA team reminds you that when it… Read more »

Toothpaste: Easy Advice For “How?” Questions!

Do you know whether or not the way you’re using your toothpaste is absolutely fantastic, if you’re using a product that can’t be beat, or if perhaps you should change to some other selection? When you suddenly find yourself feeling unsure about this staple of your daily smile care, you may be shocked! There are… Read more »

Lightning Round: Those Professional Cleaning Benefits!

Of course, you have a general understanding due to hearing it over and over in life that professional cleanings are essential for your smile! Without them, bad things can happen. True, your brushing and flossing are also key but it’s not only about dental hygiene. It’s also about keeping up with those areas of care… Read more »

Movies Under The Stars For 2019

Hey, members of the Ankeny, IA community! Remember this amazing event? It’s Movies Under The Stars and it is back with a hefty list of showings throughout June and July 2019! Gather up your outdoor wear, find the picnic blanket, mist on a bit of bug spray, and prepare to unwind, relax, take in the… Read more »

Sinus Pressure And Toothaches: What’s Going On?

Are you experiencing sinus pressure and, at the same time, you seem to have some serious tooth pain going on? Perhaps your teeth are a little sore but they also feel as though they’re being pressed on from within, causing you to feel as though you would gain some serious relief if only you could… Read more »

3 Amazing Benefits Of Selecting Contouring

So, you know what dental contouring is and as you think it over, you start to realize it could probably help you with the issues you’re having with your smile. It could be that you have a tooth that’s too pointed and you just need to soften that tip. You might have a couple teeth… Read more »

Have You Reached Your 2019 Whitening Goals?

Did you have lots of big dreams when the 2019 year began? Were you thinking all about the lovely, much brighter, stain-free smile you were going to achieve and you were feeling so motivated, what with the 12 months of time you had ahead of you to figure things out, get started with treatment, and… Read more »

Your Oral Health: Things You Don’t Want To Mention (But Really Should)

We definitely get how you’re feeling. You have something you’d like to bring up so that you can receive the oral health help you need. However, you might feel overly worried, too embarrassed, unsure about what to expect, and more. So, you just keep your thoughts to yourself. However, when you need to discuss something… Read more »

Ice Cream Social 2019

It’s that time of year again! You know, the time of year when you rub your eyes and look around and finally believe that winter is over and it’s actually warm enough to spend some time outdoors in absolutely beautiful weather! That means, heading out to the park with the family for picnics, casual strolls,… Read more »