Month: January 2019

February Family Fun: Keeping Smiles Healthy!

The lovely and heart-filled month of February is just about here, which means everyone has spring (and visions of candy) on their minds. What can you do, you wonder, to soar through the month with your family while having tons of fun and while avoiding the oral health consequences that you worry about, especially with… Read more »

Dental Care Products: Safe Or Unsafe?

As you do your best to remain focused on your oral health and to take care of your smile, you will come across products that go beyond your daily floss, brush, and toothpaste. Sometimes, you will feel confident in your knowledge of that particular item and whether it’s safe for your smile. In other cases,… Read more »

Do I Need A Filling Or Crown Or…?

In many instances, we discover that patients assume that no matter what, if they have a cavity, they are going to need a dental filling. In many, many cases, it’s true that a filling is going to be the suggested means of treating existing tooth decay. However, this isn’t always true! Sometimes, you’ll need some… Read more »

A New Way To Think About Dental Hygiene

If you’re brushing and flossing along every day, seeing us for dental visits, and heading home from those appointments with a clean bill of health each and every time, then you may not feel too concerned about your dental hygiene. However, if you’re feeling more like you’re fumbling along through your daily care at home,… Read more »

Computer Class: Excel Formulas & Functions

What type of emotional reaction do you experience when it’s time to create a spreadsheet in Excel? Do you immediately feel overwhelmed because you don’t even know where to begin? Perhaps you have a little bit of knowledge but you sure wish you had a clearer understanding of some of the basics. Great news: There’s… Read more »

3 Things Our New Patients Don’t Have To Worry About

When you’re a new patient of a dental practice, such as the very friendly place our Ankeny, IA team calls our own, you have questions. You also have concerns. What you’re hoping for, if you’re going to let yourself hope for the absolute best, is to discover that you’ve become a new dental patient of… Read more »

3 Ways To Make 2019 Easy Or Difficult

When you think about the entire year ahead, beginning with today, you realize that there’s an awful lot of 2019 leftover. Maybe you even have a streamer or some confetti still lying about from your New Year’s Eve party. What you should do as a result is grab hold of the promise that the year… Read more »

The FAQs: Traditional Cleaning Or Deep Cleaning

When you see that we offer dental cleanings but you also know we offer deep cleanings, you may find yourself feeling quite flummoxed. Well, you think to yourself, do you need the traditional type of cleaning or the deep one? Is this something that you are supposed to decide or is this something that our… Read more »

2019 Valentine’s Day Dance For Fathers And Daughters

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day! Can you believe it? Speaking of this lovely holiday, we ask all father figures: Have you registered for the upcoming 2019 Father/Daughter Valentine’s Dance yet? If not, then you’ll want to get a move on! This special celebration will be here before you know it, so get those tickets soon!

Dental Bridges: A Q&A For Things You Aren’t So Sure About

Our Ankeny, IA team is well aware that though you may feel intrigued and relieved at the prospect of being able to address your partial tooth loss with something like a dental bridge, you may also be struck with another sensation: A whole lot of uncertainty! Though there may be something about a bridge that… Read more »