Month: October 2019

Saving Your Smile: 3 Habits To Break Right This Second

If you can take just a moment to think through an entire day, the way you care for your smile throughout that 24-hour period, the foods you eat and drink, and any other detail you can muster up, we suggest one thing at the moment: Take stock of any habits you might be participating in… Read more »

Major Reminders: What’s That Cosmetic Treatment Do?

You may sometimes find yourself talking about cosmetic care as an option for yourself, since you know that you have access to the means for making your smile look so much lovelier with our Ankeny, IA team! However, when you really start to take a closer glance, considering what you might be able to accomplish… Read more »

Dental Bonding: The Little Fix With Big Results! 

So then, what really is dental bonding, you’re wondering to yourself? You’ve heard about it before but you don’t know that you necessarily really understand what it does for patients, what type of care it provides, or whether it may be able to help you and your smile. In short, it’s a cosmetic dentistry treatment that… Read more »

A Smile-Safe Halloween: Sugar Free Fun! 

Yep, it’s entirely possible to find more than just diving into the deep end of sugar consumption on Halloween to be a lot of fun! Not sure that your thoughts at the moment are stretching very far beyond your trick-or-treating plans with the kids, getting to finish off the bag of candy you purchased for… Read more »

Teen Halloween Treats 2019

Do you have teens who are just a teeny bit blue about this Halloween, not because they don’t have parties and activities that they’re going to thoroughly enjoy … but because they aren’t little kids anymore (and secretly miss the over-the-top experience they enjoyed when they were younger)? Whether they’re nearly a bit too big… Read more »

Wave Goodbye To Smile Problems For A Long, Long Time

Smile problems are the type of thing that don’t sound so wonderful in theory and that prove to be much more frustrating, costly, time-consuming, and upsetting when they actually arrive! So, you may be wondering: Is there something that our Ankeny, IA team can share with you in terms of protecting your oral health that… Read more »

National Brush Day: Adult Edition 

There are lots and lots of holidays that you are familiar with that show up after October begins. However, it’s very possible that there’s one you have never heard of and it happens to be good for your smile health! Not ringing any bells? That’s because it isn’t any of the usual favorites you may be… Read more »

Trick-Or-Treat: 4 Ways To Steer Clear Of A Broken Tooth!

There are some very easy ways to steer clear of a broken tooth on Halloween. Why do we say that, you wonder? Well, because there are also some very easy ways to accidentally break your tooth, when you’re out and about, attempting to enjoy an otherwise lovely trick-or-treating experience. While this doesn’t sound too appealing… Read more »

4 Things You Forgot About Your Smile Care

Smile care is one of those things that just comes with life. If you want a healthy smile, then you have to take care of it, of course! However, since it’s something that’s just always part of your daily experience, it’s easy to sometimes lose sight of the details. You may occasionally feel like it’s… Read more »

Creepy Capers Party 2019: Deadline Approaching!

What’s more exciting to your kiddos than getting to put on their Halloween costumes before the big day arrives? Well, getting to head to a costume party that’s just for kids and that’s full of just about every delicious, fun activity they can imagine is fairly certain to put a smile on your kiddos’ faces!… Read more »